Monday, August 29, 2011

Prof as Student, What I Wore

I have been a writing fool, lately, but little of it has made its way toward this blog space. So may I fob you off with another photo or two? These are from a recent What I Wore capture, and perhaps you can tell they were grabbed on the run by a husband pressed into service at the last moment. So I can't even complain that he failed to fit the shoes (plain black Repettos, albeit with a slight heel). Nor that he only managed to capture slightly goofy facial expressions (or, possibly, that those were the only kind I managed to make while thinking how I would manage to catch the 7:55 ferry off the island).

The outfit is a transitional version of my summer uniform, which has been the white v-neck T (Gap) and jeans (this wide-legged pair is Michael Kors, finally hemmed for flats so that I could wear them more often). The close-toed Repettos made this slightly more work-worthy than my Birks, and I think the (tissue-thin Club Monaco) cashmere cardi adds a bit of polish. Accessorized with my wear-all-the-time Karen Chopik heart pendant and the lovely silk (hand-rolled-hemmed) scarf I won from Hostess worn as a belt. The silk in the scarf is so heavily lustrous that I was in some danger of being distracted by fingering it, but the Moodle course I took was so fast-paced that I didn't dare. In fact, I felt comfortable yet professionally dressed enough that I didn't think any more about clothes all morning -- and sometimes, really, that's the goal.

I know. You're probably wondering how long I managed to keep that tummy sucked in. I'm just glad no (obvious) cameras caught me later in the day to answer that question . . .

Now back to writing fool in other places . . . .what are you up to?


  1. I really, really like that outfit a lot. I think it's one of my favorites of yours. Too bad we can't see the shoes. I live with a similarly skilled photographer :-).

  2. Love that outfit. Chic AND comfortable - a difficult thing to pull off sometimes.

  3. I wish I looked that good in a white tee! Seriously chic and I love those wide leg jeans on you.

  4. Wow mater you look stunning!
    I see that scarf is getting around...
    Paris and now on campus!

  5. Love the wide-legged jeans. They look fabulous. It's a great look nicely accented by the scarf belt. Very Fred Astaire-ish.

  6. What an elegant, casual outfit. I love it - esp. the CM cashmere. I remember that collection...

  7. Great outfit Mater, I was wearing something similar myself today, minus the cardigan - we walked to the boys' new school and I had to take my linen jacket off about half-way there (1.7 km); it's still fairly warm here. I'm just waiting really until the boys go back to school - then I feel I can really get down to the business of getting the house in order, painting, etc. Only one more week .... P.

  8. Susan: At least he's willing . . .;-)
    Tiffany: It was both, happily!
    Sue: Thanks, I didn't used to think I could wear white, but one of my daughters convinced me and Paul really likes the look (he finds it very fresh, he says). I bought a stack at The Gap.
    Hostess: And London . . . it's very well travelled (and beautiful, thank you again!)
    l'age: So I should polish up a tap step or two? ;-)
    K: I so wish I'd grabbed one more piece, altho' it seemed too much of a splurge at the time. I've lived in this sweater!
    Patricia: I know that feeling -- there's not much you can really dig into while the house is still full during the day. And those last days of the looser schedule go by so quickly. . .

  9. Love that outfit, casual yet chic, comfortable yet polished. And I like the expressions your photographer captured as well, not at all goofy but a little sly and knowing, as if you paused, thinking of other things yet still appreciating the pleasure of more "frivolous" matters.

    You and Lisa both shine in your white tees lately. Wish I could pull it off so well, and apparently effortlessly.

  10. Mardel: Thanks, I really like it as well. I've found that structure of jeans, white T, and cardi or jacket to be quite useful, even liberating, this summer.


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