Thursday, August 25, 2011

My New Superpower Boots

That Femme; she's always got her finger to the pulse. Yesterday she was writing about how to parse the new trends to make them work in your wardrobe. And a few weeks ago, in a post she called Power Dressing, she talked about those special pieces that make us feel like superheroes -- for Une Femme, power was coming from a new pair of boots, and she linked to an earlier post by blogger Metscan that had got her thinking about  the kick-happy potential of such items. Of course, I zipped over to Mette's post immediately and sighed over yet another example of this woman's very. good. taste. And then filed the boots away as fabulous but not on my list -- I have several versions of black ankle boots, after all, and there's no pressing reason to buy new boots in August, right?
Yeah, I was going to be sensible, too. Then Paul and I happened into Gravity Pope's Vancouver store early last week. The day after my slog with the black dog. The day, in other words, that retail therapy was dangerously attractive.
And there they were, Mette's Acne boots, in three different colours. I didn't immediately recognize them as hers, but was drawn to the colour, the simple, rugged style, the perfect heel height for someone who wants a manageable lift, and, once I tried them on, the instant knowledge that these were well designed to walk in. These are boots to live in for many years. The pair I tried on were already being held for another customer, so I had to wait for my size and colour to be brought in from another store. Tomorrow they're coming home to me -- I'll make them very welcome.
Funnily enough, even though these were not on my need list, nor even on a conscious want list, and even though they were a price to give me pause, I haven't any regrets or second thoughts about buying them. Rather, having held off on the cheap thrills lately, I feel vindicated; doing without those many nickel-and-dime purchases translates into a more expensive product that I will wear more often and for longer (at least, that's the theory).
When's the last time you made such a quick decision about a wardrobe addition? And how did that work out for you?


  1. oh YES!!! LOVE them.

    I've had this happen on a handful of occasions, and wouldn't you know there's almost *always* a pair of boots involved!

  2. You will never regret this purchase! My last impulse buy was the Club Monaco shirt dress at full price. I've worn it once a week so can't complain.

  3. Naturally I marched straight over and -Bravo- you chose the power boots too. Congratulations! Remember to spray them with Waterproof every now and then.
    And- thank you for the mention :)!

  4. Those boots rock!

    Going for you splurging on yourself. I have trouble with that. In fact I just finished writing a treatise on having trouble with that :-).

  5. Gorgeous! As to "impulse" on investment clothing, when it feels right - you know it!

  6. Those boots are PERFECT. I think my last impulse splurge was my 'librarian' dress, but I've worn it all winter, so it was worth it.

  7. Those boots are seriously gorgeous and the type of style that you can wear for a long time. I think the value is there. Enjoy without guilt.

  8. Oh these are nice!
    Versatile and not too clunky.
    Make sure that you treat these with saddle soap or they may mark with our liquid sunshine.
    Kick it mater!

  9. Sue: Yes, with apologies to Nancy, I'd have to say a common refrain 'round here is "These boots are made for buyin'" . . .
    K: I'm trying to remember if you posted that -- they had a wonderful navy silk shirtdress a week or two ago. So far I've resisted but it looked so great!
    Mette: And thanks for pointing me in the right direction!
    Susan: It's tough when you come from a more constrained upbringing; the kind of work you do in your post is so worthwhile in letting some of that go. Funnily enough, I did some of that in two posts, sometime around Christmas before last, that were also about. . . . you got it, boots!
    Jillian: I think that's true, for the most part. There's something that just feels right about a certain kind of impulsive purchase.

  10. Tiffany: And have you convinced your husband that it's not just for librarians . . . ;-)
    Nancy: Thanks, I think I will enjoy them, guilt-free, for quite some time.
    Hostess: Between you and Mette, I'll be sure to remember to treat them. Truth be told, though, I don't mind a beaten-up look in a boot like this, but I do want them to last so I'll be sure to give them a coating.

  11. Oh wow, I've had my eye on these Acne boots for a while but the price has been bothering me. They are gorgeous though and so versatile. Think I need to adopt the price per wear theory!

  12. I think a post dated post will appear soon of my latest impulse buy. My life is littered with these, most frequently they involve stripes or all things grey. If I ever find boots that fit the fact my feet are so problematical will always justify the cost.
    I get the feeling a large swathe of bloggers are really trying to shift their buying habits, its good to have some luxe around here though you may have to wait for a while on my blog!

  13. TNMA: Most expensive footwear I've ever bought, and I won't pretend it didn't give me pause. So glad I've restricted shopping lately, so felt I had built up a purse. . . . trying to move toward fewer, but more treasured items.
    Alison: I'll be watching -- curious to know what moves you to impulsive buying. It's always tricky on holiday because, for example, what works in St. Ives doesn't work in London (as if I'd know)

  14. I actually need to replace a previous pair of boots in this style and color and those very same boots have been in my shopping cart over at Gravity Pope's website for over a week. Perhaps it is time I actually purchased them, and we can tromp around on opposite sides of the continent.

  15. Seriously? Let's be twins! If you get them, we absolutely must do a linked What I Wore post, 'kay?

  16. My last impulse buy was a couple of years ago, now: a pair of Whyred (also a Swedish line) hidden platform shoes with attached spats (much more beautiful than they sound) that I saw when paging through "Lucky" magazine at an appointment. I wear them all the time in the fall and winter.

  17. Sounds like the best kind of impulse, Miss C.


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