Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Tale of Two City .. . Pagodas

 I know some of you want to see photos of me in my Mother-of-the-Bride gear. Can you tell I'm stalling on this issue?  Here's the thing: we won't get the professional photographer's work for a few weeks, and meanwhile, the only photos I've found of me so far were taken by Pater. And I don't love them, even though I appreciate the effort he made to change the pattern whereby I take the photos but don't appear in them. I think I will share one or two of those photos, but it's going to take a bit more time and emotional energy to put that post together than I have today.

'cause I'm busy today, peoples! First my run, then the reading of our usual not-one-but-two Saturday papers, then a pedicure with my daughter, and then dinner at a new (to us) restaurant -- tough work, right?!

 Meanwhile, I thought I'd follow up on my Paris le Pagode post with a Pagoda in London, floating on the restorative St. Martin'sRegent's Canal, one of my favourite places. We've never crossed over to investigate, but I believe it's a restaurant -- any of you Londoners checked it out?
So I'm off for my run. Enjoy your Saturday -- if it's as leisure-busy as mine, be sure to fit a nap in there somewhere so you don't get too worn out!


  1. I was in London last week where I stayed in a room by a canal - not Saint Martin's but The Regent Canal. Water in a city is essential.

  2. Mater - you are toying with us!! :0) You know we are all dying to see the dress and shoes together - however, we'll be patient and wait for the official photos.
    A mad weekend for us - we pack on Tuesday, load on Wednesday, so we are trying to sort the house out in between farewells with dear friends. Reading of blogs will be sporadic for the next few weeks - enjoy the rest of your summer! P.

  3. Lesley: I agree -- it's hard to imagine a city without access to a body of water -- that fluidity is such a relief from a city's hardness.
    Patricia: Take care as you go through this hectic period.

  4. Yes, you are stalling. I want to see the whole ensemble. You will be the inspiration for a new generation of MOTB. What did you do with your curly locks?


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