Saturday, July 23, 2011

Summer? Is That Really You?

 We've had grey day after grey day after grey day here. We've tried to sympathize with the crazy heat toppling the rest of the country, but we haven't had a day above 24 degrees Celsius here yet this summer. And it's July 23rd. And Lisa tweeted something yesterday about the "downswing of summer," and Alison said something about feeling a "distinct whiff of autumn" . . . Nooooo, she wails, no . . . . We haven't even been in swimming here yet.
 If you pushed me, I'd admit that the temperatures have been comfortable, and I enjoy my running more on a temperate day. And the silvery sun-pierced morning skies are indubitably lovely.
But our summer houseguests (mostly family) are beginning to arrive, and I want some of that relaxed, laid-back visiting that only heat elicits, as it pulls together the fragrances of seaweed, rosemary, grilled sausages, and just a hint of gin from the cold-dripping glass in your hand. . .

As it entices little girls to venture into tide pools and young parents to stretch out for a nap on sun-warmed rocks
and rolls together memories of so many summers of watching kids jump waves or roll logs in the water or gleefully turn over rocks to watch crabs scurry in all directions . . . even memories of being those kids . . . .

So I was ever so happy to be woken at 5 by an already-bright sky, to grab my camera and tiptoe past the door where my daughter and her little XYorkie, Henry, will still be sleeping for a few hours, and walk barefooted and still in my pjs down to the waterfront stairs to sit in rapture.
They're promising us a high of 24 today, 27 tomorrow, then there are some indifferent 22s in a row, with the possibility of 25 at the end of the sequence. Two mid-20s days does not a summer make, but I'm going to squeeze the very essence out of these, in a gratitude born of desperation. If you need me, I'll be on the beach. . .


  1. What beautiful photos. I wish you ample summer, Mater. I think we all need just a bit of it, to prepare for the seasons that follow.

  2. I have heard that summer is coming in August!

    There seems to be a pattern of clouds for 2 days then sun for 2 days...this might be the climate change that has been predicted by global scientists for many years.

    Your beach is rather like my back can wear pj's and feel right at home!

  3. 34 in the shade in Mtl! With no beach in sight, forced to retire to a café with a mojito :)

    Watching kids play by the water, any water, is one of life's joys.

  4. It's been very cool here (near where Lisa lives) as well. In fact I had to don a sweatshirt for most of the morning!

    Gorgeous photos, as usual. I'll be thinking of you at the beach as I finish hemming a new shirt.

  5. Gorgeous photos! It is hazy here, with no sharp clear skies due to the humidity. 107 degrees and 75 percent humidity on Friday, cooler today (only up to 96) so at least I left the house. Tonight is cooler, only in the upper 60s, but with 98% humidity it still feels oppressive.

    I hope you get summer, but I wouldn't wish this on anyone.

  6. Lisa: Yes, I really do need to feel that expansiveness that summer affords before marching back into the fall. Summer, to me, even though I'm not a hot-weather person generally, is what makes it all seem easier, worthwhile, somehow.
    Hostess: so you patter outside in the pjs as well, do you?! With Lisa, we're all giving the neighbours a chuckle. . .
    Duchesse: I've been in Montreal in that kind of heat and it's tough! I'd be heading for an air-conditioned cinema. . . but a mojito is an attractive option also. I remember Megan and I hiding out from that oppressive humidity and watching Johny Depp swashbuckle his way through the Caribbean.
    Susan: Yup, I've had a cardi on most days, but finally went sweater free this weekend.
    Mardel: I'd find that really tough. We're lucky here that there's almost always a breeze off the water. Some summers we'll have two or three days that are too, too warm, but then I go in swimming a few times a day, which really helps. Hope you get some cooling soon.


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