Friday, June 24, 2011

Testing, 1, 2 . . .

 Now I'm curious to see if these will show up better -- this time, I've sent the camera images to Picasa. Then I went to Blogger, used the photograph-gathering tool to pick them up from my Picasa Drop Box. Not nearly the ease I'd hoped for from the phone/camera.
 Assuming these do show up better from Picasa -- and that the pixellation is not just as inherent flaw of the cameraphone pics, perhaps someone out there has pointers for me. Otherwise, please just excuse the mailbox filling. . . .


  1. Yes, much better. Albeit smaller than the photos you usually post, I think.

  2. Thanks for the feedback, Lisa -- I've realized I can tinker with photo size as well.

  3. These look great. Sometimes when you upload photos to a share site you lose resolution when you download. But these are better.


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