Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hava-ing it all, Rain or Shine!

 Lisa's post on Sturdy Summer Perfection the other day reminded me of this window in London -- I think it was Selfridge's, but I could be wrong. It was a very warm day, perfect for the kind of Havaianas I'm used to. I was surprised, though, to see that I could also pick up some rain boats with the same built-in cheeriness.  Who knew?
Did you?


  1. You are so cute! I had no idea they made rain boots too:). Thank you for the reference.

  2. Those are my kind of rain boots. I love whimsy in rain boots.

  3. That is Selfridges - and I have seen the Havaianas wellies before. They do espadrilles too, with the same sole as the flip-flops.

  4. They look like some serious puddle jumpers and not just for kids! Big kids can splash too!

  5. Selfridges do great windows, but I have to confess I don't like ginky books! I like mine to be 'real' so I wear angler's boots bought from an angling shop in Scotland, not as naff as Hunters but the real deal nevertheless. If that makes me a snob so be it!

  6. Lisa: Well, thank you! (blush, blush)
    Susan: Me too -- although I also have some sympathy with Alison (Indigo16)'s position -- see below . . .
    TNMA: Thanks for confirming. I wonder if you've seen them before because the large London (and Britain) market is as/more likely to buy wellies as flip-flops -- we are too, of course, but we don't constitute nearly as desirable a market.
    Hostess: No kid-ding! (especially nans/grandmas out with their wee ones)
    Alison: I love your expressions! Ginky is def. a new one for me. Naff ditto. And I respect your position re the real deal boots, but can be tempted to the silly stuff myself. . .

  7. Havanianas, like other makers have to expand their offering; the bots are fun- did you buy a pair? I do not find Hunters naff but then I've worn them them for 40+ years and I'm probably out of it... But 20 year olds in Hunters with fake tans, bad hightlights and bum-hanging-out shorts? Naff.

  8. Duchesse: I didn't buy a pair, but was mainly interested to see an example of exactly the phenomenon you''re describing -- the market expansion.
    And having met Alison, I know she'd not think your Hunters naff at all, but would be referring to the way they get worn by all and sundry as the latest cool thing.


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