Friday, May 6, 2011

London Blogging Synchronicity

How's this for synchronicity? The day before yesterday, my London friend, Alison, posted a (much better) photo of this brilliant graffiti. Her photo is taken closer up and directly in front, rather than at an angle, so that you can read the letters forming the old Bells of London rhyme (Oranges and Lemons). What makes the coincidence more striking is that this graffiti isn't out in easy view, but rather tucked behind a small mews. Granted, it's only a few hundred feet off the very busy St. Martin's Lane, but you have to leave the crowd and wander a bit, following your curiosity, to find it. Even nicer, the wall is not far from where Alison, Pater, and I had dinner in March. I couldn't help wearing a big, big grin when I spotted it in her post and thought I'd wave back at her with my own photo -- hi, Alison!

And then she followed up with a seaside post, featuring some colourful deck chairs, and I thought of these photos we took in Hyde Park (just last week? really? what an odd dysjunction travel creates!).

Now I'd really better stop daydreaming bygone travels and get some work done in the here-and-now. . .  I'll leave you with a teeny-tiny photo borrowed from my daughter's Facebook page of her with a newly-minted leaving certificate (the "real thing" diploma will come after she finishes the board exams in August). Even in this tiny format you can see how happy she is (and how gorgeous, right?)
Happy Friday -- what are you up to?


  1. Yes, happy and gorgeous. I love her dress. Have a beautiful weekend!

  2. Congratulations to your (very lovely, takes after you) daughter!

    Were those chairs some sort of art installation? I love the fabrics and prints that I can make out.

    I'm off to check out Alison's post now.

  3. Was just trying to recall the entire rhyme having bought Le Duc a bottle of Heeley's "Oranges and Lemons" cologne; it is here, and interesting:

  4. Susan: Isn't it a sweet dress? Borrowed from her generous sister.
    Pseu: The chairs are regularly set up in Hyde Park for park visitors to relax in -- for a charge! We watched for a while, and realized that soon after sitting down one would be approached by a fellow in an official-looking vest who would collect a rental fee. The chairs sport a dazzling array of fabrics, very cheery.
    Duchesse: The rhyme you've linked to is exactly the one I remember from childhood -- the one on the wall has a line I've never heard before: "Pancakes and fritters say the bells of St. Peter's" -- I quite like it!

  5. Duchesse: Should have been more careful -- the short rhyme at the top of the page you linked to is the same as I remember. The longer version lower down on that page is great fun, offering an extended version which includes that bit I like about St. Peter's. Thank you!

  6. Interesting, I've never seen the long version. I learned the one at the top. I enjoyed reading about all the churches. Wren had a hand in quite a few of them!

  7. Sewing Librarian: Yes, that Wren was a very busy man! I never knew the long version either, but it's so interesting, isn't it?


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