Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Windows of Metz

We are in Metz, which abounds with beautiful, beautiful vitraux -- those above can be found in the Cathedral, just across the street from our charming room
which looks directly at it when we draw back these charming toile drapes

I will tell you more about the cathedral later -- some very impressive facts about the ratio of window surface to the overall building, which gives it a very special quality. And that's without even mentioning the windows by Marc Chagall (at least, the designs are Chagall's, I'll provide details about the glass-makers later).

But while I loved the building immediately and committed to returning before we left, both mine and Pater's hearts were instantly captured today by another church, a smaller one dating back at least to the 13th century,     As soon as I began telling him it was my favourite church ever, he interrupted, "That's just what I was going to say!" And the windows designed by Cocteau are brilliantly matched to the church's soul -- it balances delicacy and solemnity, luminescence and gravitas beyond anything I've experienced. We're heading to dinner soon and I haven't the patience to fiddle with uploading but here's a sample photo that I hope hints at the church's beauty.
I have high hopes for dinner -- today, besides finding my favourite church ever, I ate the best quiche of my life. Seriously superlative. Miam-miam, comme disent les français


  1. Oh you are doing so many wonderful things and then
    sharing them with us! I had no idea that Chagall designed the windows for the Metz cathedral. I can't wait for your report. There is a tiny chapel outside of Tarrytown,New York (20 miles from New York City ) that has glorious Chagall windows and a Matisse window over the altar.
    It was a favorite retreat when I was in college.

  2. I think it's fantastic that you're able to venture further afield. Great posts! P.

  3. For something built in the 13th century, the interior of that church is amazingly light!

    Hope you'll post some pictures of the Chagall windows. I tried to capture the ones in the cathedral in Reims, but my camera just wouldn't focus correctly in the dim light.

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  5. Pavlova: I'll get round to sharing my Chagall windows and thanks so much for sharing yours. I'd love to see that chapel!
    Patricia: much as I love it, it's been great to get outside of the city.
    Pseu: We've been so lucky with weather and the sunshine makes a huge difference to viewing the windows.


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