Thursday, February 17, 2011

Power Outage on the Island . . .

Our power winked out several times this morning, waiting for several minutes before it announced its return in a flurry of appliance squawks, beeps, and blinking lights. I'm half-poised now for it to switch off again, taking my internet connection away along with the promise of hot liquids. Pater is getting the fire going in our wood stove, so should a longer outage ensue we'll have heat and will be able to get simple meals.

Mostly, though, I feel as if the outages are mocking me, mimicking my own lack of power. I have not yet bounced back from whatever is making me cough so deeply and sleep so soundly for hours every day. I had hoped to get to my Pilates class today, but I can already tell that's not going to happen. I have a commitment tomorrow afternoon on campus, and I'm crossing my fingers that the threatened snowfall might shut that down so I don't have to disappoint.

Still, I look at the photo of my sisters and I after our post-race crepes (borrowed from my baby sister's blog), and I can't help but smile. I may have pushed myself Sunday, but it was worth it to run with them. And perhaps my body's been needing an excuse to shut down for a while, to do nothing but sit and read and occasionally knit, go for the odd short walk on the island, listen to music, chat with my husband. I've been rushing and rushing and doing and pushing and meeting goals, and maybe a power outage is telling me to sit still in the quiet by the woodstove and simply be. . . .

Doesn't make for very exciting blogging, though, does it. . .


  1. I love that picture of us.
    We had a power outage last night too, but it lasted about an hour, not sure what caused it. I loved how quiet the house got and it was nice to go to bed by candlelight.

  2. I love power outages for this very reason. It's a great excuse to sit and read by the fire.

    I hope you feel better soon.

  3. I am sure that this short brake is just what you need right now. You have been so very active as long as I can remember. Do enjoy the day naps. Just had one myself too! In these temperatures, sleep comes so easily, under warm blankets ; )! Please, take care of yourself!!

  4. I hear you. I just got back from the doc who told me that I likely have the flu. WTF? First broken foot, then stomach bug, now this. I'm starting to feel very sorry for myself. Not that I wish anyone else sickness, but it's nice to know I'm not alone :-)

  5. Oooh. Cuddle up warm and enjoy. Rest, recuperate.

  6. Yes, I think it's a sign that you need to pull back a little, take some time out. It might not be great blogging material, but it will certainly recharge you for future blogging (and you could get some bloggable knitting done).

  7. I hadn't realized that you'd run with all of your sisters. That's pretty wonderful.

    And rest yourself, power outage or no.

  8. Rachel: Isn't it great! I love it too! our power outages were only a few minutes each, three of them, irritating, but not such a big deal. It's my own power outage that I'm most impatient at!
    Susan: They're a good cue to slow down, right?
    Metscan: Afternoon naps, especially in the winter -- one of life's true pleasures, absolutely!
    K: Well, if you can't wallow, what good is being ill?! It dawned on me slowly, today, that it might actually be the flu I have, given that I was all achey last week, and now have a respiratory thing that is not really cold-like and that I'm beyond exhausted. Duh!
    LPC: Thanks for the good advice. I'm trying to make the best of being sick. ..
    Tiffany: I am sneaking in some knitting -- and since I haven't blogged any for a long time, maybe a post soon might be in order . . .
    Terri: Well, I ran with half of them anyway, which was pretty wonderful. Can you believe there are another three who we haven't yet roped into running with us?

  9. I find that a power-cut makes me realise just how ridiculously reliant we are on ...well power. Even the tinniest break in internet access has me stomping my feet like a latter-day Rumplestiltskin, so I am looking forward to letting go for a week but looking forward to showing off my photographs when I return. Your endorphins are shining through in that photograph!


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