Monday, January 3, 2011

Pleasures of the Season -- Travel Included . . .

Besides the sunshine and the cold, but gorgeous, blue skies, there's much to please in winter here right now -- I've mentioned before that I planted the garden partially to conquer the drears of the dark season, especially with winter-flowering fragrant shrubs (although it's nowhere near the winter-sublime garden that my friend and neighbour maintains and blogs about) . And right now the Mahonia japonica is delighting all who spy and sniff her. . . Such a buttery yellow, such a lovely scent
And the Viburnum bodnatense 'Dawn' has been blooming for weeks now and will bloom for many more, clusters of pink buds silhouetted fragrantly against the sky. . .
Shoots are shooting bravely and greenly into the cold sunny air . . .

and even the darker, more predictable denizens of the winter garden
benefit from a little illumination . . .
Yet even with all these beauties right in my backyard, I'm packing my bag and Pater and I are heading off Wednesday morning to . . . .

hmmm, shall I tease? we're flying somewhere I've never been before, four city days, three rural-resort-ish (can't say more without giving away) . . . not too long a flight, same time zone, but I need my passport . . . .

and I'm meeting someone special for lunch on Friday . . . .

All will be revealed . . . Stay tuned, but meanwhile feel free to speculate in the comments . . .


  1. Oh, and your garden shots are delightful, as always.

  2. San Franciso is my guess too....and Napa?
    Having lunch with LPC?

    do tell...

  3. It's been awhile (we were away, traveling in Austria and Germany), but I thoroughly enjoyed catching up on your Christmas photos. Nola is such a cutie pie and I love the dress with the smocking.

    It was so nice being away from the internet that I decided to limit online time in 2011. I'm planning to take a history course instead :-)

    I'll drop in now and then.

    If you see LPC Friday please say hello from me.

  4. How wonderful to see these hints of green! What gardening zone are you in?

    Wild guess--Portland?

  5. Oh I hope you are having a wonderful time on your trip, but I am sure you are.

    I am totally envious of the bits of green. It shall be a long while before green appears around here. I almost miss the snow cover. Our 22 inches are almost melted and the soggy brown is not nearly as appealing. Well, I'm sure there will be more, white that is.

  6. Have a great holiday, neighbour. Sounds sweet, if short, and a good idea to escape the snow. I look forward to that cup of tea and hearing about the lunch date!

  7. Pseu, you're good!, but Hostess is even better . . .
    Susan, I've really been enjoying your visits here, but I completely understand that re-shuffling of priorities -- what history will you be studying?
    Terri: Apparently we're 7b on the new Agriculture Canada map, 8a on the old one, not sure how that compares to Am. maps -- and since our garden is right on the water, it's even milder in spots.
    Portland would be another attractive destination -- far enough to feel like a getaway, close enough to be easy to get to. and I love the city! But SF is brand new to me, an adventure. and meeting LPC (because yes, she's the mystery lunch date) a real bonus.
    Mardel: We actually are sneaking out just under a snowfall warning -- we're supposed to get 10 cm tomorrow and I won't be at all sad to miss it.
    Carol: I'll be looking for labyrinths -- meant to say that I need to get a copy of your latest book if they're not all gone. . . and I'd love tea. We'll have to make that happen, for sure.

  8. Finally I am back at work and struggling to access my blogger account so am catching up with everyone else's blogs instead.
    So glad you had fun, it sounds very idyllic on your island and the blues in those photographs are crystal clear.
    I am very impressed with your smocking skills, as a child I loved to wear a panel of smocking.
    I am guessing you are dropping down for some Californian sunshine?!!


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