Friday, January 28, 2011

Can't Leave Home Without Them . . .

I got tagged last week (by Une Femme) to show the Five Accessories I won't leave home without. You'd think that would be easy enough to do, but I had to think a bit, and then I had to debate a bit, and then finally I got my camera out and here we are. . . I cheated a bit, though, and I'm counting on you to, well, not to count . . .

Une Femme is so honest that she included individual items that really could be covered in the all-inclusive bag. Like her, I always have lipstick on my person, either in my M0851 bag, pictured above and always with me, or tucked in a pocket. My bag almost always has an umbrella as well, and I'm not counting either lipstick or umbrella.

I debated the glasses. Pseu (Une Femme)'s included hers in her count, but for me the glasses are NOT an accessory NOR do I always bring them along. My correction is a serious one, and I never leave the house -- let's be serious, I never get out of bed -- without lenses, but I wear my contacts more than my glasses, so I'm not counting either, again . . . (ditto for hearing aids, also a matter of brief debate).
But I always, always, always wear a watch. I feel uncomfortable if I get jogged out of my routine and leave home without, even if Paul and I are just going to the movie, as happened the other evening. While I've got several more fashion-y watches, I've been wearing them less and less, relying on this versatile, reliable, clean-faced Coach for the last four years . . .
but now getting used to my Christmas gift from Pater, the watch I decided on last January but couldn't justify buying myself . . . love it!
The meme rules didn't specify WHEN those Five Accessories were being worn. From October through April around here, you'll rarely see me out without a hat, and most times that hat will be a beret . . .
Similarly, I invariably have a scarf at my neck. Despite a huge (too much) variety to choose from, I've been gravitating pretty consistently to this red alpaca handknit, a nice antidote to the grey skies. . .
and with head and neck well-comforted, I like my hands warm as well. The short gloves get the most wear, red or caramel or leopard brown/black, but sometimes I wear the long zippered black for a bit of drama.
So let's see: 1) Bag, 2) Watch, 3) Hat, 4) Scarf, and 5) Gloves. Legally, I'm done, but let's open up #1 again and see one last, concealed but important "accessory" I never like to leave home without. I really couldn't care less about my cellphone and rarely use it, but I'm NEVER without a book. You never know when you'll have a pocket of reading time and I've made productive and enjoyable use of many a line-up or ferry wait this way.
There you have it, then. About what you'd expect from me? Or have I disappointed or surprised?

ADDED TOO LATE: Having a bit of a "Well, duh" moment, as I read comments and realize I didn't ask anyone else to pick up this Meme. Probably not a complete accident as I always feel uncomfortable passing along unnecessary obligations when we all have enough of those. This one, though, was quite fun and also very easy. And I've already had two readers volunteer their responses (as you'll see in the comments below). If any of you (including Susan and Terri) care to post your answers on your own blog, I'll happily link to you. . . just let me know.


  1. I've been coveting a Hermes watch with a double-wrap leather band for a long time! It's so elegant and timeless, yet not dainty. Just curious, is yours an automatic or battery-operated. I can't decided which to go with. Lucy

  2. Great list!

    I LOVE those glasses, and your Hermès watch. (I took my trusty "everyday" watch in to get a replacement battery and was told that that watch is no longer water resistant. Not that I wear it swimming, but is this the rationalization I've been looking for to pick up an Hermès watch in Paris this spring???)

    Your book idea is a good one. I wonder if I'd find more time to read if a book were always handy?

  3. I love your glasses. They are beautiful:). And your bag. And your berets...

  4. I like those leopard brown/black gloves the best. Your book idea is very smart.

    I never leave home without earplugs. There is so much noise pollution everywhere and I like to be prepared.

  5. I like your pictures mater...cheery and fun...I particularly like the gloves all in a circle...waving!

    I have seen ads for thos bags and remember your post about the company I must go and look again...if memory serves they come from I go...

  6. so many beautiful gloves. My 5 would be glasses, keys, watch, camera, pen.

  7. Lucy: It's battery-operated, and that's perhaps my only regret. I can't even remember now how we made this choice (Paul came along to help me decide), but I suspect that the model I chose (best-looking on my rather small wrist) only came with that option. I might be wrong, but if so, I'd probably rather not know, since it's a done deal now!
    Pseu: Sounds like a good rationalization to me! If you decide to pick one up in Paris, can I suggest you go in the shop early in your visit, try on everything that appeals, and then leave yourself walk-away-and-think time, perhaps a few days, before going back. I found the choices a bit overwhelming and had to really think through whether I wanted a coloured or a neutral strap, then black or brown, then single or double . . . besides the different watch faces, etc., etc.,
    as for carrying the book, yes, it makes a big difference for me . . . and I'd say with an e-reader, you'd have the convenience without the weight.
    LPC: Thanks, I have to say I love my glasses to -- they're from a small artisan company out of LA, I think -- Chrome Hearts.
    Susan T: Earplugs instead of my hearing aids, love it! Actually, if the noise levels get quite loud, I'll often yank my aids out, as I can manage well enough without them, and hate all that elevated ambient sound.
    Hostess: Their store in Vancouver is worth visiting -- the owner, Kimberley, is wonderful, very friendly, not at all sales-pushy. They don't actually advertise, relying only on word-of-mouth, and thus keeping prices down, so you may have come across their website on your travels.
    Terri: I have all of those with me (not the camera, always, but often) but that's part of the cheating -- they're in my purse . . . Should have asked if you wanted to take on the meme -- go for it, if you'd like, and I'll happily link to you.

  8. Mater, I just received a Kindle for Christmas. So convenient for carrying in a purse or bag. It's now a must have for me. My list would also include earings, face blotting tissues, lipstick and cell phone. My new favorite bag is the cross body style. More compact to go with my more compact wardrobe! Have a wonderful weekend.

  9. This is the first time I saw the Hermes watch. It looks simple and elegant!
    Your 5 choices are practical as well. I have always envied people who can just grab a book and read almost anywhere. For that, I would need much time and privacy.

  10. I like these simple, clean watches! And also like that your things look well used- not ratty, but used. Have to get my version up.

  11. Marguerite: Glad you're enjoying the Kindle -- I bought my daughter an e-reader for Christmas and she loves it! Still debating one, but their portability is definitely a point in their favour. . . .Earrings are an almost-always for me, as well, but there wasn't enough room on a winter list. . . and btw, that M0851 bag IS a cross-body (or shoulder) although it also has short handles. But it's not compact!
    Metscan: Growing up in a very large family, I learned quickly to shut myself into a book, so I do find that in most cases, I can read in the midst of noise. . . and yes, I'm loving how simple and, as you say, elegant (thanks!) this watch is.
    Duchesse: do you know that I began hankering after this watch when you featured it (or its close cousin) in a post way-back-when.
    I appreciate your awareness of the use factor in most of these items. More and more, I'm recognizing that I want to get back to my more authentic self who for years and years had fewer, but more-favoured, items. I'm trying to give myself space to see what these are. . . we'll see how that works out, but the berets, certain gloves, one scarf over most others. . . it's beginning to evolve.

  12. I would pretty much ditto your choice, the reading matter especially, I hate to be without something to read which means I need my glasses!
    Yes to the umbrella and scarf and gloves all essential and like you I am almost relived if I find myself without a phone, the peace! But of course it is my time keeper as I hate anything around my wrist. I would have to put in my travel card though, but that is beyond essential really.

  13. I like your selections and find a book essential, although now I often carry the kindle instead of an actual book. It doesn't replace the feeling of the book itself, but at least I still have those words on a page of sorts, and it is much lighter...

  14. Alison: Do you keep your travel card in your wallet? or do you use one of those lanyards so you can grab it more quickly when you need it?
    and funny how some people can't stand the watch on the wrist and I feel naked if I don't wear miune.
    Mardel: I've been eyeing the various options of e-readers. Haven't quite decided to make the purchase yet, but soon, I suspect . . .


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