Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Viewing Fatigue . . . with Opera Distraction

Gloomy-looking, isn't it? That's the view from here, this week, and I must admit I'm reflecting it quite well in my own energy levels. I went to sleep last night at 8:30 and woke this morning at 7, on the verge, I suspect, of a sinus something-or-other that I'm determined to fight off. This is the last week of classes which is both the good news and the bad news: the good, of course, is that my schedule will change and my body will be required to produce much less adrenaline (no matter how much one does it, getting up in front of a class generates performance anxiety, at some level); the bad is that end of term means a huge stack of research papers to mark, and as soon as those are done, a big whack of final exams. Maybe that's why I feel so exhausted, just anticipating.

But there are good things to anticipate as well: this Saturday it's Opera time again: Lucia di Lammermoor opens this weekend, and I'll be there, blogging in the lobby. If you're nearby, why not grab some tickets, dress up, listen to some gorgeous bel canto music (there's Passion. Romance. Madness. Brooding Scottish lowlands, what more could you ask?), and say hello. Yes, it's a splurge, but there are tickets available at a variety of price points, and I can't think of much that gives you more for your money than opera. Sumptuous costumes, dramatically creative stage sets, clever use of technology, brilliantly contrived -- if occasionally over-the-top -- plots and characters exploring the human condition, and above all, glorious music that will stay with you long after the credit card bill has been paid. If you do show up at the Queen Elizabeth theatre, please stop by to say hello -- I'd love to meet you!

One last note: with the fatigue and the marking, I'm finding it very tough these days to keep up with blog commenting as I'd like to. My first priority is always to acknowledge the comments my readers are kind enough to leave. After that, I would like to be able to comment at each blog I visit, but I'm recognizing reluctantly that I can't do this and keep up a full-time job and family responsibilities. So more and more, I'm going to comment only occasionally, and primarily when I'm reading something that really resonates. Meanwhile, though, I am still reading, and I'm very much admiring those of you who manage to comment so often and in so many places.


  1. I hope that you do not get sick's a tough time for those of us who work in education...the germ pool and the fatigue that comes with the job are a double whammy at this time of year.

    That "gloomy" photo has a certain richness...the rocks shiny with the sea and the red line of paint on the freighter's prescription is put on some red shoes or something cheery...and drink some hot tea.

    Have fun at the Opera !

  2. Take good care of yourself.

    I am needing to cut back on commenting myself. It's really tough to keep up.

  3. Mater - I'd get gloomy too, if that view stayed put for a long time. Have fun at the opera. I will miss your comments - they are so thoughtful. Maybe that's why they are hard to do:).

  4. Oh that is a flannel nightgown, mug of tea landscape if I ever saw one. Hope you can stave that off.

  5. I hope you stay well - anticipatory exhaustion is no fun at all.

  6. I have missed you, mater, but I understand! Hope you don't get what I got and good luck grading.

  7. Hostess: Yes! Tea -- good for whatever ails you. And I'm trying apple cider vinegar to ward off the sinus infection (apparently it's good for whatever ails you as well)
    Susan: The blog conversations are such fun to join in, aren't they, but the minutes add up. . . and up . . .
    Lisa: I will admit that I find it difficult to simply toss off a comment and probably spend more time than is required.
    Duchesse: Absolutely! The flannel nightgown makes the tea even better.
    Tiffany: I'm trying to get the anticipatory sleep to ward off the anticipatory exhaustion ;-)
    F>50: Thanks for the understanding.

  8. I understand the overwhelm. I am feeling a bit of it myself. I am planning a little break from the blogosphere during the Christmas holidays. Take good care of yourself, enjoy the opera and know that we understand that you have a life and priorities. No need to comment.

  9. LBR: Thanks, m'dear -- we will really miss you if you take a break, but sometimes, something's gotta give, right?!


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