Thursday, December 2, 2010

Same View, Always Different

What a difference a wee bit of sunshine makes. Same scene as in yesterday's photo, but the blue shades are more benign than the gloomy greys. And the marine red which Hostess noticed as contributing to a certain richness in the earlier photo is even livelier here.

Note that the red is reinforced here by the presence of another freighter to the north. . .

while to the south, the pair is matched by two more freighters whose hulls are probably also marked by some red, not discernible, though, against the early morning sun.
Isn't that wintry gold-and-grey sky magical?


  1. Beautiful. Mater, have you ever thought about taking little videos? I have a hankering for the sounds of wind and sea.

  2. Your photos take me back to when I lived on the St Mary's River, Sault St Marie, a major Great lakes freighter route. I'd look up and my entire livingroom window would be filled with a freighter. (We lived on the river). I love watching ships. Thank yo!

  3. Sunshine does make a difference...
    I have always thought the views of the ocean are never boring or dull as there is always something happening...a seal, whale, boat, wind wave action...
    million dollar locale mater.
    An elderly Thetis Island Pioneer once told me when I mentioned that i would love to live on the waterfront... he said "you're a little late, they're not making any more of it"

  4. I like how you can see far off weather in this view of yours.

  5. LPC: In fact, I did once post a mini-video with sound -- seagulls, fog, waves -- and I've been thinking I should do that again. One of these days . . .
    Duchesse: Ah, I love the scenes of a working river. I grew up with a view of the Fraser River -- logging, fishing, shipping, all the good stuff. Rivers have a rhythm all their own, don't they?!
    HHR: We were so lucky to find our bit of waterfront -- it wasn't, at the time, a particularly reasonable move, but we've never regretted it. Speaking to that Thetis old-timer, btw, you've touched a bit of history, haven't you.
    Terri: Yes -- it's quite compelling to watch it move toward us, the fog rolling in or a big patch of blue sky.

  6. I would enjoy videos. Of course I would enjoy visiting this magical place even more.


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