Tuesday, December 28, 2010

post - Christmas - post

They've all gone home, and we're left with our books, a quiet house, turkey soup simmering on the stove, and some lovely memories of Christmas 2010.

One highlight was my eldest daughter saying that her friends rolled their eyes at her because she loved coming home for Christmas and/or spending it with family -- to many of them, the kith and kin portion of the holidays is either boring or stressful, obligatory rather than enjoyable. Other daughter, son, and all the partners, quickly chimed in that they liked our Christmasses as well. Must have, all of them, because they arrived last Thursday and only left today (excepting Son and Partner, who headed up-island on Christmas afternoon for Family #2). Daughter #2 might count herself as one of the dissenters, I suppose, as she was in Aurora, but I think she missed our Christmas 'cause she found a way to Skype herself into and she phoned a few times as well.

The other big light, highbeam all the way, was two-year old Nola -- above, she's wearing a dress I hand-smocked (click for an enlarged view that shows the rocking horse detail -- my fave!) and sewed for her Aunt Megan somewhere back in 1986 or '7. There were a number of lovely echoes like that, past stitched to present. The Brio train set, for example, for which all the guys had a turn configuring, bridges, hills, crossings . . . .

Next year, I think we'll make our traditional Graham cracker faux Gingerbread houses, and I suspect everyone will be in on the candy action. . .

For now, though, Granddad and I are going to kick back with a few episodes of Angel and a big bowl of soup. . . Is your house quiet now too?


  1. I can happily imagine it all. And the photo of Nola, who among us wasn't her, once upon a time? I am particularly glad that your time of friction seems to have so completely passed.

  2. Nola has the most beautiful eyes!
    Smocking mater...brilliant!

    I cannot imagine holidays without family, especially our children...your daughter's friends must have had some really bad experiences to put them off visiting their families.

    Our turkey soup is simmering as I type.
    Yesterday Mr. HB and I went for a brisk walk along the waterfront and then retired by the fire and spent hours devouring our books!

    It sounds like the 4 of us enjoy the same post Xmas routines :)

  3. What a cutie she is! And our house never got too noisy, but tomorrow M goes back to day care for a couple of days. She needs other children and I need a break.

  4. lpc: yes, and passed so clearly back to where we have always been, an easy place, that I'm still wondering what happened -- still intend to think this through in a post, now that term has ended and I might find a little bit of time. . .
    Hostess: I'm so glad I hung onto this dress -- I'll never find the time to smock this time 'round . . . and yes, sounds as if we do like many of the same things.
    K: I love having a house to myself -- just love it. As much as I like having P living full-time with me again, I'm always keen to have a few alone days. . . enjoy your break!

  5. We had 23 family members for Christmas day, another 13 on Boxing Day, then 22 for our annual chilli crab lunch on the 28th. I don't think there was a moment in that whole time where we weren't having fun - no family conflicts, no dramas ... Even washing up can be pleasant when you're doing it together. It made me realise how lucky we are. But, having said that, I'm now savouring a little more quiet, a few days of paddling in the kayak, reading, doing a jigsaw puzzle and taking it easy.
    PS. Smocking!? You are so clever.

  6. Tiffany: Yikes! That's crazy busy -- but it sounds as if it was all wonderful. Nice that it was followed by some quiet time -- it's been too wet and windy here to go paddling, although the sons-in-law did take advantage of a weather break to head out for an hour or so on Christmas day.

  7. Oh that photo of Nola is adorable! I'm so impressed with your hand smocking!! Beautiful work!

    It sounds as though you had a wonderful celebration with family gathered round, the perfect Christmas!

  8. Pseu: It was really lovely, thanks -- as for the smocking, see my comment to Hostess above. . .

  9. We went through a period when the children had to be cool and do things with their friends, and now we all love just settling in to a cozy day with friends. No rush, not too much fuss, but just comfort. Having half of them here (the other half got snowed out by a big snowstorm) was wonderful. Having the house return to quiet was also wonderful.


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