Monday, November 15, 2010

Minor Triumphs and Tribulations -- Must They Always Travel in Tandem?!

My intention was to post today about my lovely weekend visit with Daughter #3 and our visit to the spa. Instead, I spent the day writing a conference paper proposal. I'd decided earlier that I needed to let that project go, choosing sanity and rest over hours rushing to meet today's deadline. But I woke up this morning with some good energy and realized I wanted to pull some ideas together, that a day of working hard would feel creatively productive rather than stressful. And so it was. I had a lovely walk and long chat over tea with a very good friend. And I wrote and wrote and thought and wrote some more. What I ended up with was not the proposal I would have written if I had two more days, but I think it was enough to let the reviewers see my idea. If it's accepted, I'll be happy to write the paper and then go to Fredericton in May to present it. And if it's not, I've got the outline for an article I will go ahead and write anyway, perhaps on my research leave next term. So it's all good. I'll go to bed soon, tired but pleased.

Less happy news: In the weird steambath contraption at the spa on Saturday, I burnt my foot. Despite the assurances of the spa owner that it didn't look too bad, I knew the burn was second degree, and sure enough, I'm sporting an impressive blister on the top of my right foot, midway up the right side -- over an inch long, half an inch wide. Nasty. Surprisingly, it doesn't hurt much, but I suspect that once the blister pops, that will change. I'm packing Polysporin and gauze dressing with me tomorrow against that eventuality. . . My big concern is with the Half Marathon I've been looking forward to running this Sunday. I'm trying to coax myself to a place where I can let that go if it's obvious that it will interfere with healthy healing of the foot. Pain, I think I can handle, but a nasty and prolonged infection would not be worth the runner's high!

And just because I never feel right posting without photos, a gratuitous shot of the marvellous Callicarpa -- purple berries just seem so magical!


  1. After my 'foot saga' back in January I am paranoid about infection, that said having worked so hard training it would be a bitter pill to swallow not to run it. Maybe if you strap it up with some seaweed poultice or something!
    You are doing better than me work wise, Leyla is currently soaking up every spare minute now and until next September whilst we cram her up to pass her 11+ I now gaze at my 'room' longingly knowing it will have to wait a year for some kind of occupancy.

  2. Nasty! You are wise to treat your injury carefully. Wonderful how creativity works, flows as it will, and is supported by a walk and tea with a friend!

  3. Isn't it wonderful when those creative flows come? If only we could bottle that energy!

    I'm so sorry about your foot! Burns are nasty business.

  4. mater,
    Be very cautious with that steam bath blister...and how unfortunate the timing with the scheduled run.
    I hope all will be well.
    Tea and friends are such a gift.
    The purple buds are beautiful...I wonder if they'd last indoors in a vase, they look so arty.

  5. Alison: Yes, I thought of your cautionary tale -- I'm watching carefully for any hint of infection.
    Patricia: Actually, after the first day, it hasn't hurt much at all, but it's not too pretty and I suspect that will worsen once the blister pops.
    Duchesse/Pseu: I can never pin the creativity down, but when
    circumstances support it, what a gift!
    Hostess: I'll take care of it, yes!
    As for the Callicarpa, the purple is actually in berry form, rather than blossoms, so it would do well inside probably -- although I'm quite happy passing it by outside every day.

  6. Yikes, sorry about the foot! These things always seem to happen (at least for me) when there are upcoming events. I hope you'll be able to run, but don't push it if the injury isn't healed enough. It's just not worth it.

    At least the burn should heal fairly quickly--I developed a neuroma and it's still a work in progress after 6 months.

  7. Yikes! I am so sorry about your foot. Hope it heals quickly!

  8. Oh, there is nothing like a foot injury to make one feel limited. I wish your foot a speedy recovery.

  9. Nancy: Yes, the timing is bad, but overall it could be much worse -- sorry about your neuroma.
    Jillian: Thanks. Me too!
    Susan: It's actually not bad if I didn't have to put shoes on -- barefoot, there's no discomfort at all.

  10. Your working schedule sounds exhausting!How on earth do you have the time for everything! I have wondered this earlier too. I wish your foot a full recovery and strength to deal with everything that is going on!

  11. Seriously, that sucks. You should totally go back to the spa and show the owner what has happened. For starters, that thing is dangerous and a (literal) liability. Secondly, you ought to get yourself some good freebies to take the edge off your booboo. Make sure you mention what a total inconvenience this is re: your fitness and wellbeing and that it's also a health hazard to develop a wound in a spa environment.

    Sorry if I sound like your mother here.

  12. By "that thing" I mean the steamer thing - not your foot, obvs.

  13. I am so terribly sorry about your foot. I hope that it heals very fast and that perhaps you will be able to run pain free. Shame on that spa! I hope they give you a plethora of pain free and trauma free treatments.

  14. Metscan: I do end up finding work very demanding during term -- but once classes are over and I only have the marking to do -- and after that when I only have my own research and committee work, etc., -- it's better than decent, with more autonomy than many people have in their work.
    K: Too cute! You do sound pretty maternal -- but also exactly like my husband as he's been saying the same thing. Of course, I was so nice and reassuring to the spa attendants, not sure why I felt I had to be like that rather than straight out indignant. Seriously, I felt a bit stupid that I got burned, at least a tiny bit apologetic. . . and I didn't want to spoil the afternoon with my daughter so just soldiered through the rest of the treatments. . . .Not sure what that's all about, but I do feel now that I've got to stop by there again and show them this ugly foot!!
    LBR: And can you believe I tipped . . . and quite decently. . . and now a Discount or Gift Certificate in sight!! I am not a very effective consumer, am I!?

  15. Oooh, you poor thing. And what awful timing. I just know that in the same situation I'd probably also be assuring them everything was ok then getting home and thinking 'what did I do that for?'. I hope it heals well and quickly.

  16. Tiffany: I know! Why do we have to be so nice?!


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