Saturday, October 16, 2010

Lillian's Journey is Over for Tonight

Wow! That was so stirring, not only the opera with its powerful music or the encompassing scenery, the huge visuals, the love stories and the mysteries revealed, but simply the notion that an opera can be made with the place names I know so well. I love imagining this opera being performed in other cities worldwide -- and Stanley Park and Telegraph Creek, the Skeena River and the Vancouver lights sung into that larger panorama.

As might be expected, tonight's curtain calls were accompanied by a rousing and enduring standing ovation -- especially once John Estacio and John Murrell came out for a bow. Now we're out in the lobby blogging one last bit as the crowd thins and the din fades bit by bit. Paul and I usually head off quickly to catch a bite at the Wedgewood, so I've never realized how long it takes for the house to empty. . . Quite a few groups have been stopping by at the PhotoBooth -- I think you'll be able to check the VOA Facebook page to see who wore what, who came with whom, etc., Good times!

Much, much more to write about tomorrow, but for now we're invited to the after-party. I'm thrilled at the possibility of meeting Judith Forst, but even just to watch the aftermath of all that adrenaline will be interesting. When I think how draining I find teaching a 90-minute class, I can only begin to imagine what it must be like to sustain the physical and emotional energy needed to sing a role like Irene's or Lillian's, Scotty's or Jimmy's.

Tomorrow, I'll try to post some of the backstage shots I took and show you what I wore. But now I have a party to go to. so good night. . .


  1. Sounds incredible to be in the thick of it, as it were! I hope you had a great time at the party afterwards - and look forward to seeing photographs.

  2. So fun. Really put me into the scene, remembering ballets etc. I have attended. The intermissions are a big part of the experience.

  3. So exciting! Just like your travel posts, I felt "there".

  4. How exciting to be in the midst of all this activity at intermission...must have been a challenge to focus on the computer and not the crowd!

    I feel a sense of energy coming through your post...

  5. Tiffany: We didn't stay long at the "party"-- too many people we didn't know crowded into a small space, but it was still cool to be that close to the performers who had changed into their "civvies".
    LPC: I always love the people-watching!
    Duchesse; Thanks! It's a different kind of posting, and I hope it makes up in immediacy for what it lacks in finesse.
    Hostess: You're right -- I found it very challenging. But fun!

  6. Hi Frances,

    Thank you for joining us for the world premiere of Lillian Alling and for blogging at our Blogger Night at the Opera!

    I'm glad to hear you got to meet Judith Forst at the after-party. She was wonderful as Irene.

    Look forward to seeing you at Lucia in December.

    Here's the blog post of Blogger Night:




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