Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fall Rings the Changes

The first Fall storm brushed by here Friday and Saturday -- luckily we avoided the torrential rains visited on our neighbours up-island at Port Hardy where 200 mm fell, overwhelming drainage systems, washing out roads, stranding residents dramatically. But there were winds and big waves and enough rain to muddy up the roads.

As compensation, though, we got a full-on rainbow yesterday afternoon, and I grabbed my Nikon to rush out and snap it for you. They're always miraculous, aren't they? I've seen hundreds in my life, a happy consequence of living in a rainy climate, and every single one inspires the same child-like sense of wonder.
This morning, I woke to this freighter (and his buddies) tooting their foghorns -- loudly and often! The world beyond our beach is enveloped in grey, and I suspect Pater's seaplane flight back from Vancouver will be delayed. But above the fog, there's a cloud-speckled blue sky, and apparently we'll have some sunshine later today -- you know the saying: If you don't like the weather, wait a few minutes . . .

Must be Fall, then . . . I'm off for a run in it. Hope you enjoy the rainbow!


  1. It's true. I never get tired of rainbows.

  2. Beautiful rainbow! Fall is beginning here too, but today it was very warm. I long for cooler days.

  3. Thanks all! Can't beat a rainbow for optimism, right?


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