Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fall Honours . . .

Thanks so much to Fashion over Fifty for honouring me as a Versatile Blogger. Fashion over Fifty is a relatively new blog to me, and I've recently been enjoying having another brave "woman of a certain age" willing to share photos of herself in her daily stylings.
Having already blogged for over three years, I've done several of these memes requiring "7 Things About Me," and seriously, people, if I haven't told you by now, I'm keeping it secret! As well, over the past three years, through various award memes, I've passed along enough of these that I'd only be duplicating myself (never mind my blogroll on the right) in linking again,
especially since this Award asks for 15 links! But I've been having fun checking out the new links Fashion over 50 has set up for us, and you might enjoy them as well. So many great bloggers out there, but sadly, so much marking on my desk here where that whole having-to-earn-my-paycheque-thing beckons. . .

Instead of 7 new things about me, instead of 15 new blogs, please accept these photos from this afternoon's fall sunshine along my island running route . . .


  1. I think I could persuade myself to run if I had that beautiful route ...

  2. Ooooh, thanks for showing us 'new places around you'.

    Awards appreciate and encourage the considerable work the blogger puts in. Let's give them without requirements; the blogger is already giving a great deal.

  3. You are most definitely a versatile blogger. You blog about so many topics with grace,ease, beauty and style. Well deserved.
    Love this path way. Wish I could take Lily there for a walk this a.m.

  4. Tiffany: It definitely helps! Mind you, the island's so small about a 4km circumference on the outside road) that for my long run on Saturday I had to do 4 circuits!
    Duchesse: Yes, I admit I do wish these awards didn't come with a choice: work or guilt (as you can see, I chose the latter!)
    LBR: Thanks! And yes, I think Lily would enjoy this walk while you and I chatted each other's ears off;-)

  5. Love your path--and very graceful way around this award--I agree wholeheartedly! 15 new blog spots was just too much for me, also. Sorry if I put you on the spot!

  6. Love the path and the lovely new views. I don't think I'd run it but I'd love to walk that route.

    A graceful acceptance of a well deserved award.

    And a beautiful rainbow yesterday. Blogger seems to have eaten my comment, but know I was there.

  7. Fover50: Don't apologize, please! I was honoured (and you didn't come up with the terms of the award, after all).
    Mardel: If you ever show up here, we'll be sure to take that walk!
    K: Thanks! I really love the fall light.

  8. You should seriously consider doing a coffee table book, I could look at these photo's forever.

  9. Though I am only pushing 50 I will check the blog out.
    I don't understand why people think black is wrong for our age group though. I love it big time, I know there is an urban myth it can drain the colour from you, but if you wear it with a necklace or scarf the problem is soon resolved.
    The outfit you wore last week looks great, very edgy with the boots.
    I have calves a tad to big for many zip up boots a legacy from playing hockey through my teens. so when I find boots that fit what is not too love?

  10. Cybill: You're too sweet!
    Alison: I don't know what I'd do without black, really.
    I'm loving the boots -- comfy with an edge, what could be better, right?


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