Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Blogging while Slogging . . . Back to School

I can already tell posting will be light over the next week or so as I adjust to getting myself on campus four days a week. Besides an abundance of "contact" hours this term, the first-year sections will have me marking most weekends and evenings as well, and blogging will have to slip lower on the list for a while.

But there's always so much going on, in the garden, in the family, in the blogverse, in the wardrobe, that I know I'll still be here regularly, perhaps in briefer form, relying more on garden photos to say hello. And, of course, I have to follow up my last post with the promised "big reveal" . . . . I'm also thinking it's time to fit in a "What I Wore" post now and again, especially since recently-retired Pater is available to point that camera.

Meanwhile, though, better go figure out what I'm going to wear today to stand in front of all those eager newbies (please God, let just a few of them be eager, please?!).

So I'll leave you with these photos of the wonderfully red and shiny rose hips of rosa glauca. One of the many delights of September . . .


  1. You and Hostess are busy bees of the three of us with 36 years of marriage behind us. I can´t add myself with the two of you, since I have not accomplished as much as the two of you. Realizing this, I don´t have a recipe for a long marriage, do you?
    Do you have plans to settle down on the island now, or are you keeping your city apartment for occasional vidits?

  2. Metscan asks a good question - been wondering that myself. Good luck with the Back-to-School madness! Patricia

  3. Good luck with school! I'm sure there will be at least a couple of eager newbies in each class - and I hope you found something good to wear ...

  4. My blogging will be sporadic as well...school has started...
    I hope that you saw some eager faces today.
    Looking forward to seeing your what I wore today ensembles.
    I am also excited about the Big Reveal...

  5. Thanks LPC and Hostess
    Metscan: We all accomplish in different ways, and I think comparing our achievements to others is one of the unhelpful things we do to ourselves -- your beautifully edited home and wardrobe, your care for and knowledge of your horses, your central role in your family, should not be so easily discounted.
    and to answer both you and Patricia: yes, we will keep the Vanc'r condo. Besides being a good investment, it really contributes enormously to lifestyle/quality of life with so much of our family living there.
    Tiffany: I got Pater to take some pics today -- then I complained about how I looked in them! But I may go ahead and post them anyway -- I'm trying to train myself past that knee-jerk negativity. Maybe I'll get there by 70?! ;-)

  6. By coincidence I wore my leather jacket today! Now I read your post and realise it is obviously 'that' time of year where the young get to pronounce judgment on what 'our' generation should or can wear. I agree with you 100% I have never met a student who I felt was educated enough to have an opinion on what I wear. I dress to please myself and I guess I wear it with such conviction they barely raise an eyebrow. And I do agree as educators it is a great way to challenge preconceptions.
    Your jacket looks perfect and having had mine for years I promise you it will be a stayer.
    Thinking about your Nude post, Having painted this year both nudes and still life I can say that painting life as opposed to nature morte is by far the most rewarding experience an artist can have, I do not know why, maybe it is the mercurial nature of skin tone reacting with light. Maybe the way small shifts change the form of the sitter but whatever it is painting from life is better than meditation for clearing your mind and feeling something akin to karma again. I fail to see why traditionalists focussed so much on painting women since either sex works for me I guess you would need a mans point of view for that. Although thinking about it I would prefer a nude woman on my wall to that of a man.
    I too am snowed under with newbie's and a pile of paperwork including data analysis. Just writing that sends me into a soporific trance....

  7. Alison: I bet you rock your leather jacket! And I also suspect your students think that's pretty cool.
    Interesting to hear your perspective on painting from life. We'll have to chat more about this at some point.


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