Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Shoes and Shopping -- All in One Post!

I'm off early this morning to take my mom dress-shopping, but I thought I'd leave you with this teaser photo taken from yesterday's visit to the Fluevog & Friends exhibit at the Vancouver Museum -- these platform (!!!) clogs, custom-made, from the early 70s. One of the other clerks in an office I worked in, circa 1974, had a similar pair, part of a small collection of Fox & Fluevogs she proudly wore, every spare penny of her paycheques going in that Gastown direction. I can't remember her name, but she was tall BEFORE she put the clogs on, big-boned and statuesque, AND she had permed her white-blond hair into an Afro -- very striking.

There were many wonderful shoes displayed, some I would happily wear today. I've got more photos to show you later, but meanwhile, what were the most outrageous shoes you remember from the 1970s (unless something you did in the 1970s is still interfering with your memory . . . )? Or, if you're one of my post-1970s readers, have you heard of Fluevog shoes? Did you realize they had such a long (40 years!) history?

Now cross your fingers I can help mom find a dress -- 79, size 2, quite particular. . . -- and that she can remember the PIN for her charge card!!


  1. Happy shopping...Holts might be just the place!
    I can remember the early Fluevogs!
    I still have a vivid memory of the late 60's and 70's...I didn't misbehave too much...

  2. Well, I was a kid in the 70s, and I don't remember shoes, but I do remember a pair of particularly stylish bell-bottom jeans which had paler hearts patterned into the denim. I was SO cool (age 7). I cannot imagine wearing those platforms - how does/did anyone walk in them!?

  3. HHR: My memory's intact as well, so far, and it's fun to remember Fluevog from way back when. Do you remember the one on Victoria's Broad Street? or the Gastown one?
    Tiffany: Ooooh, so very, very cool, those jeans sound. Of course, the bell-bottoms (we also called them elephant pants here) needed those platforms, but as to how one could walk in them, that's a question of supreme motivation. The weight of the wood alone, in the examples above, would be daunting!


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