Thursday, August 5, 2010

More BC Impressions . . .

More shots, mostly from the Cariboo-Chilcotin area of BC, much of which is threatened by forest fires, hence the haze you see in many of these shots.

I'd love to take more time to point out other details, but I'm too exhausted -- we're baby-sitting our granddaughter for four days while her parents have some marriage-enhancing time on their own. Such fun we're having, and we're living at a pace that keeps us very much in the present, but little else gets done beyond dressing, changing, figuring out the next meal, and entertaining (which consists of walking, jumping, ball-throwing, singing, going to the park, noticing dogs, saying "hi" to any passing stranger, and so on, and so on).

So these shots will have to do for now -- are they not calming, with their promises of expansive space, far from the madding crowds, the smell of the stables mixing with the scent of pinetrees.

Colours that have a chance to test out their full range, to be appreciated for their own subtle selves -- imagine these tones blending together, one or two only, in one of those Parisian-strict outfits Duchesse alerts us to.
Not much subtlety in the shot below, but this landscape suggests some satisfying challenges, doesn't it?

Love to stay and chat, but I'm far too tired. She's just gone to bed (easiest baby ever for sleeping!) and I'm looking forward to a few minutes with my book before my eyelids start to close . . . .
What are you up to, these last weeks of summer?


  1. Though I have done some major decluttering of my personal and of the storage places we have, I´ll still have to enter the stable and go through everything over there too. All the rugs for horses, etc. We need to replace broken fences, luckily that is men´s work. Then there is the cleaning and clearing up of the yard, etc.. " A woman´s work is never done ; )!

  2. Sleep well! And then wake up and enjoy another day of random walks with a toddler.:)

  3. I'm filling up with ideas and I think I need to do a closet sort of what fits or doesn't and what works versus what I need. Also trying to get a little more time/better system for life.

    Love those views.

  4. Metscan: You must be feel quite satisfied with all your de-cluttering. I'm hoping to find some time for organizing, at least, when I get back to the island.
    Tiffany/LPC: Thanks
    Mardel: August does have that transitional feel, for me at least, that leads to organizational projects -- or at least listing them for getting to when it's cooler.

  5. How delightful to have so much uninterrupted granddaughter time! LOVELY photos. We are heading up north soon. I am craving pine trees and blue skies.


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