Saturday, May 1, 2010

Blazing the Casual

I'm wondering now why I hesitated so long to take this Lurex-threaded Smythe jacket out for a spin. I wore this outfit on Thursday and received several compliments -- more importantly, no one mocked the glitter (and the same people who comment on any pointed toes I wear as being winkle-pickers would obviously not hesitate to render their sartorial opinion on daytime shine). I like the way the jacket worked to give very casual, comfortable clothes some easy polish.
Because it was a bit fresh, temperature-wise, when the sun went behind a cloud, I opted for a long-sleeve t-shirt, resurrecting this little-bit-of-rock one by Sledge.
Sorry for the oddly-bunched up jeans crotch -- I was trying to fit everything into the photo and didn't notice that effect 'til now.
With a plain white t-shirt, I might sub in this pink messenger/brief bag that Pater bought for me a few years ago in Paris where I picked it out at the Senat shop (a great source for all sorts of stationery). This might well come along to my Montreal conference with me at the end of the month.

I've got two more Polyvore-on-the-floors with this jacket -- I'll show you in the next post or two (with a possible interruption to respond to an invitation from Hostess). And as with the last time I tried Karen's challenge, suddenly I see all sorts of ways to combine this previously-languishing-in-my-closet piece with the rest of my wardrobe. It's a great exercise. I wore the jacket again yesterday so my CPW is already 200% reduced from the beginning of the week!
Blazer: Smythe, new
Jeans: Gap, 2008? wide-legged, ankle-length
t-shirt: Sledge, three or four years old
bag: Nine West, three or four years old
Converse: bought last fall
rhinestone-studded leather wrap bracelet: new
pink shoulder brief/messenger bag: Senat, Paris


  1. The Converse with the Lurex are just fantastic, IMO. The thing I like so much is that I believe I would know you, as I understand you to be so far that is, immediately upon seeing you across a room dressed like this. And I would already like you.

  2. I like the pink bag with the it would appear that there is a smattering of pink peeking out from the Tee?
    Those winkle pickers were pink were they not? They could sub in here perchance? The more I see those Converse here, the more I think that I need a pair!
    ....and a trip to Montreal, that should be fun.

  3. Perfect, and perfect!! I LOVE the combining of "dressy" (e.g. the bit of sparkle and tailoring of the jacket) elements with the casual (Converse). Very well played!!

    You know I'm *seriously* coveting that jacket now, don't you?

  4. So springy; I like how the pink bag makes everything wink! If you are in Mtl and feel like it, drop by Griffintown Bistro and say hi to on Etienne, cooking there.

  5. LPC: Thank you! If this outfit could convince an interesting, witty, and wise person like yourself that I'm worth getting to know, it's doing its work, and should get outdoors more.
    Hostess: You're anticipating me . . . now there'll be no surprise for you in my next post (well, maybe a small one or two).
    Pseu: You know, imitation is the sincerest form, and all that . . . if you can find this jacket by Smythe (a Canadian co., but judging how often I see celebs wearing it InStyle, you'll probably find it near you), I'd say go for it. I can easily see you wearing this!
    Duchesse: The pink winks! love it! I may just do that in Mtl, if I'm not feeling too shy . . . I had wondered what he was doing there, guessing perhaps VIA . . . but back to cooking, even better!

  6. qI love the converse with the jacket. It is the perfect mix, witty and sharp, yet approachable. I do love that pink messenger bag too, it adds such a happy spark.

    And a trip to Montreal! How lovely. It has been years since I've been.

  7. You must know by now, that I´m in love with grey. I sincerely like the way you wear the long sleeved T with the grey jacket. It was a worthy purchase. I bet you will wear it with skirts and dresses too!

  8. Mardel: Thanks! I'm finding the Converse very versatile, very useful, and of course the plus that they're comfy.
    Metscan: While I haven't worn it with a dress/skirt yet, and all the polyvore-on-the-floors I played with are with pants, in fact I've already thought of some good combos with skirts and dresses -- I have a few black sundresses it will sharpen up and it's great over white as well. It really has turned out to be a worthwhile purchase!

  9. I HOPE you are writing these outfits down on charts! That's the only way you'll be able to repeat them. I do it for all my clients now after taking a closet styling class with Brenda Kinsel. You're making me get over my tee-shirt aversion. I'm going to try one out with a blazer, hopefully something like Vivienne Westwood? I don't know. It has to be the right one for me. And I'm getting the black converses, that's my sneaker, and I'm sticking to it.


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