Monday, April 5, 2010

Vancouver Weekend -- Walking

This little girl can not only walk frontwards, but she can walk backwards as well and loves to make her audience laugh by doing so on request. We had two lovely visits with her this weekend, well worth waiting through storms for. And we had a very nice Easter dinner with her, as well as her mom and her aunts -- all the men except Pater had other commitments. One was in the studio recording a band, another was skiing, and yet a third was taking in a Canucks game, live. Couple #4, our son and his GF, weren't able to get away from work/study. We missed all those absentees, but enjoyed the informality and the abundance of roast beef, yorkshire pudding, mounds of mashed potatoes (with roasted garlic!) and gravy. Followed up by delightfully tasty and very pretty Cupcakes!

And today, Pater and I went for a walk, frontwards, not backwards, across the bridge to a favourite spot for breakfast. Along the way, looking down from the bridge on the other side of False Creek, we spotted this evidence of the recent storm's strength.
This large tree took several smaller ones with it as it crashed to the ground. I'm sure some of those boatowners (the lot adjoining is part of a marina, and many smaller boats are left there for the winter months, on land) thought it was a bit too close for comfort. After our Classico breakfast (crispy pancetta, perfectly fried potatoes, sunny-side eggs, and delicious toasted ciabatta), we headed over to Granville Island. Along our way, we passed this guerrilla garden along the tracks. I've posted a photo of this rascally critter before, but I thought the delightful addition of the patio furniture made it worth posting again.
Plus I thought you'd love the jewel-brightness of that chard at the far right -- yumm!And, finally, walking through the charming townhome developments adjoining the Market, we passed this sweet vignette.
We bought a very promising loaf -- Whole Wheat Sunflower -- of bread at an artisanal (French) bakery where I discovered macarons. I didn't, shockingly, buy any of these today, but now this dangerous information is lodged in my brain, I may find myself at Granville Market more often. Cheaper than a flight to Ladurée!
So now we're back at the apartment where Pater is going to make me up a fabulous roast beef sandwich on some stellar bread and probably complement that with a cupcake -- my ferry picnic. But we're not done with Vancouver walking yet, and I have a few more photos to show and stories to tell about this weekend. Plus stay tuned for a modelling of a certain very colourful sweater. . . Did you have a lovely Easter weekend as well?


  1. That mother nature can be a moody gal, as evidenced by your pics. Glad you didn't have any downed trees of your own.

    Nola is now looking like a bona fide toddler. Would love to be able to see her "performance."

  2. Funny how that difference comes about from one week to the next, the change from looking like a baby to looking like a toddler.

  3. That is a little Toddler Cupcake! When I see the title and do not anticpate a Nola pic, then get one, I am suffused with pleasure.

  4. Duchesse: I love it, Toddler Cupcake indeed!


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