Thursday, April 22, 2010

Socks and Logs

I finally finished these socks (Yarn Harlot's Simple Sock Recipe in Noro Silk Garden) to warm the feet of the man whose efforts will help keep us warm this winter. I've made socks for my son and daughters, for girlfriends, for myself, but Pater hasn't yet got a pair, and it was time.
After all, he works hard at all these manly tasks (yes, that is tongue in cheek, but I'll admit my feminist self isn't rushing out to play with the chainsaw).

I thought the colours, textures, and patterns resulting from his logging efforts were spectacular.

Much inspiration here for the kinds of neutrals that Duchesse favours -- wonderful combinations of grey and brown, that tawny-pink of the sawdust, the coppery tones of wood under freshly-peeled bark. . .

We speculate that these marks are left behind by some tool in the logging process or else something used while chaining the logs together to transport them.

All those chunks, waiting to be split, waiting to dry out over the summer, waiting to flare up in our new woodstove, keeping us cozy some winter night.

My clever guy, making physics work for him, lifting that crushingly heavy log up so that he can cut through it.
He definitely deserves a pair of socks!
I also finished a little dress I was knitting for Nola. Now I only have to finish off the Regina scarf I've been knitting since last May (!!). It's almost done, and then I will have nothing on the needles. That is, if I can resist casting on anything new first. I'm going to try hard -- it will be such a novelty to begin from a clear slate. I don't think I've had all projects finished at once for four or five years.


  1. Beautiful socks, and beautiful colors in those logs. I love that rusty brown, especially against a dark grey.

    Is it time for today's rugby match? My word verification is "scrum."

  2. Oh, but the socks are far too beautiful to be worn inside boots. Maybe Pater could wear them inside the house instead? Reading about your achievements makes me feel a total zero ;)!

  3. Beautiful colours! Patricia

  4. Gorgeous colours. And I'm impressed - in 30 years of knitting, I don't think I've EVER had all my projects finished before starting a new one!

  5. I would much rather be wielding needles than a chainsaw! They scare me...nice socks and I am with metscan...hope he putters around the house wearing them on display!

  6. Pseu: Aren't they great colours?!
    Metscan: Please don't feel like a zero -- your accomplishments are considerable -- your home interior alone is inspiring!
    LPC: That manliness is important!
    Patricia: So glad you're back!

  7. Tiffany: This weekend will be the test! Either I'll finish the last project or I'll cast on for the next one . . .
    Hostess: I'm with you on the needles over the chainsaw! And yes, they'll likely be indoor puttering socks . . .

  8. Andrew Goldsworthy meets Mater. The socks are gorgeous!

  9. Handknit socks are one of the all time great gifts. I can recall every pair i've had. And he can keep your feet warm! These are treasures.

  10. Thank you, Belette. I had to google Goldsworthy (say that fast!) and am flattered by the comparison. The earthy colours, I guess? Of course, that's Noro, the yarn people, not me, but I'll accept the flattery;-)
    Duchesse: Your comment is perfect and will thrill every knitter who ever gave a pair of socks to a muggle.


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