Friday, April 23, 2010

Pewter and Gold and Light

This morning's sunrise, all pewter and gold promise.Any excuse to grab my Nikon and run outside . . .
Early morning sunlight limns everything with magic

hints at mysterious wonder within the discarded everyday. . .

Within minutes, though, it becomes apparent that this magic is limited. The sea soon takes on a leaden tone, beauty in a minor key. . .

And I'm off to Vancouver where we'll be dog-sitting and baby-sitting and movie-going and opera-watching and walking and eating. Cute pictures may follow.

and next week, I'm setting myself another garment challenge -- a new blazer I bought quite a few weeks ago, but haven't been able to wear yet. That must change! You'll see it here first, as they say . . . Meanwhile, have a good weekend, would you? And tell me about it, if you'd like. comments always very welcome.


  1. Sunrise and sunset are my favorite times of day. The light in your shots is just beautiful. Love the colors and textures in those freshly hewn logs!

    Bon weekend, mon amie!

  2. Thank you for leaving us with all of this gorgeousness. I hope you have a fantastic time in Vancouver.

  3. What a beautiful sunrise! I was admiring a beautiful sunset last night over the beginnings of my new lawn - I wish I'd taken a photograph ... Your weekend sounds like it will be a lot of fun. We have a long weekend here so have a day up at the Blue Mountains (really, they are just hills) planned for Monday, maybe a hike.

  4. Again, lovely colours and mood. A busy weekend ahead for me - today I go to help man a table at an International Food Festival. The ladies group I belong to will be selling American candies for charity. Tonight we plan to watch the DVD of 'Roman Holiday' we bought last week. It's good to be home - we managed to get on the night train to Budapest on Sunday and arrived Monday afternoon, so only one extra hotel night. We were lucky - friends went to Dublin and are returning today! Tomorrow I have Mass then we have to do a big shop - we are hosting 2 high school band students (maybe girls!) from Wednesday to Sunday. Unfortunately, our storage and fridge space is very limited, so we'll have to top up later in the week. Look forward to the new blazer photos - I got a blazer in Rome, Massimo Dutti (Zara offshoot), at the flea market! I have to wonder if it fell off the back of a lorry....:0) Patricia

  5. Gorgeous sunrise. I love all the promise and the morning light brings. Have a fabulous weekend, but it sounds like you shall.

  6. Something just struck me as I looked at your beautiful pictures and read this post. You have really tailored your life to suit who you are. You don't seem to be where you are by accident or by circumstance, it is clear that you have really designed/shaped where you are in your life (i'm right aren't I?). So few people seem to be able to do that and I feel positively inspired by what you have done!

  7. My weekend will be a hunt for light fixtures for that bedroom reno, but if there are adorable Nola pics coming ,that will buoy me. Squeeze her for me!

  8. Thanks, all.
    tiffany: I'm going to go haul out a novel I spent some time with a few years ago -- one of its settings, I seem to remember, was in the Blue Mountains.
    Patricia: Glad you're back -- sounds as if you had an exciting and rewarding time away (enjoy your bargain blazer!) and an even more exciting time (maybe less rewarding!) ahead. You really should have a blog!
    Duchesse: I hope you'll be sharing the bedroom reno purchases -- I look forward to seeing your light fixture choice.
    Cybill: I think yours may be the best comment I've ever rec'd on this blog -- while I've had periods in my life (and still do, occasionally) when I whine and feel either victim or martyr, I would say that I've been very lucky in exercising choice and feeling as if I have considerable agency in my life. There's not much I'd change drastically even if I won some serious money. thanks for noticing this and helping me appreciate it yet again.


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