Friday, April 2, 2010

It's better than dragons . . .

So much for that! While my bag is packed, I'm ready to go, the storm blew on, unabated, all morning long and mid-afternoon now, I've given up. The small private ferries are not leaving our little island, and even if they were, the large BC Ferries have cancelled several runs and will be full enough carrying those vehicles and passengers already in line. My house-sitter phoned to say she's made it to Nanaimo and taken a hotel room there to wait out the storm -- she'll come over in the morning.

The view from here right now? This shot, as you can see, is taken through the rain-splattered window . . .
Out the back door, you can see some of Nature's pruning -- there are branches down all over the yard. I can take a hint. I'm not meant to travel today, but rather will curl up in my comfy leather armchair and finish reading Beowulf, the wonderful Seamus Heaney translation published by Norton with all manner of interesting illustration -- photos of Norse artifacts, evocative landscapes, reproductions of old manuscripts. And what a gripping tale for a stormy day!

Should you be feeling a wee bit deprived, storm-wise, envious of my appointment with winds and rain, I've upoaded a very short clip -- the wind howls rather tinnily through my wee Canon's audio equipment, but you will get a fine sense of bluster, I think. Perhaps it will inspire you to dig out your own copy of Beowulf. Or pour yourself a few fingers of Scotch? Here's to life's storms -- may they always be managed with a good book and an armchair!


  1. Well, part of me is relieved you aren't out travelling in that mess. Enjoy your stormy day reading!

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  3. Wow - that looks like an amazing storm. Take Care.

  4. Oh Seamus Heaney's Beowulf on a stormy day, and perhaps a cup of tea as well? It sounds perfect. If it weren't so sunny and warm, and I weren't rooting around in the dirt, I would pull out my copy, sit right down, and join you.

    Hope travel is better today.

  5. The weather today in Vancouver is so much better! We had a huge branch come down on the roof yesterday and knock out a few tiles. As a result, we sprung a leak in the upstairs bathroom, which caused the electricity to short. You have a lovely blog. I don't know why I haven't found it sooner, especially since you are a fellow Canuck.

  6. That clip took my core temp down by at least 5 degrees. Glad you holed up. The Heaney Beowulf is beautiful. A good storm is profound and satisfying (short of the point of having your skylight cave in).

  7. Pseu, SFomL: Thanks for your kind concern.
    Mardel/Duchesse: Doesn't surprise me that the two of you also own a copy of this great translation and both know how to hole up comfortably in a storm! Of course, the two of you right now are enjoying lovely weather and temperatures I'm envious of -- I do know that you earned them the hard way, so ENJOY!
    Rosina: Yikes! That's the kind of hit I was worrying about yesterday. At least it was nothing like what happened to those poor drivers who had the tree come down on their cars on the Stanley Park Causeway!! Glad you found your way here, since we're practically neighbours ;-)

  8. You know I've had a copy of that version of Beowolf for ages but have never read it. I'll have to wait for a storm to come my way...

  9. Laura: I won't wish a storm on you, but I hope you get a chance to read that translation soon -- it's quite wonderful.


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