Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Definitely Twisted

Here's a quiet piece I picked up recently. I'd been intrigued by it this past fall/winter at my local boutique, From A to Zebra, but didn't consider it seriously at $140. However, when I saw it a few weeks ago at 60% off, I couldn't resist. Fits me perfectly. And as I say, so quiet, so easy to incorporate with the rest of my wardrobe, so practical.
Alright, not quite. But this shirt could twist anyone's classic.
So I bought it, then took it home where it sat for a week or two while I tried to work up the nerve to wear it.
And then along came Karen -- of a Certain Age -- with a challenge. Who can resist a good challenge, right? So I toned this down, putting together an outfit I really liked for a long multi-activied day last Friday, and was really pleased, both by how I felt in it and by the number of compliments I received. Next post, I'll show you that outfit along with two others I'm challenging myself to put together.
Meanwhile, the question I've been asking myself is whether or not I can make any claim to being a Twisted Classic -- is there enough Classic in my style to qualify or am I simply Twisted all the way?!!!


  1. What a fun shirt! I'll bet those colors are great on you; can't wait to see how you've styled it!

  2. Hahahahaha! Perhaps Twisted Sportif?

  3. That is fabulous. I love looking at it - I could never wear it, but I could certainly admire it on someone else. Looking forward to seeing the whole outfit!

  4. Classically twisted...and it might look great with simple black leggings too...

  5. Lesley: You have a good eye! This is Desigual, a label I hadn't known 'til this year -- this shirt is my second by them, and I love their style!
    Pseu: Thanks! It's fun, isn't it!
    LPC: Possibly, but I don't see myself as having much to do with the sporty thing (altho' it sounds better in French!)
    Tiffany: I certainly have to steel myself!
    Hostess: Although it might look longer here, it's just a shirt, in a fairly light cotton, so it wouldn't work with leggings, at least not in a way I feel comfy with.

  6. It would wear me. I'm admitting that b/c notice all of us who show our choices reap comments from those who like them.

    And (as I keep saying- but it is true) things I wouldn't wear can be so perfect on someone else. I applaud you for trying it.

  7. Duchesse: This top is definitely not for everyone! I'm not even sure it's for me, but I'm beginning to see that my inability to resist certain items seems to be part of my style profile, for better or for worse . . .

  8. Gosh I would have paid TWO forty for that blouse. Great great great purchase, Smart Girl.

  9. Karen: I know! It was a steal at what I paid for it, and I'm really discovering its versatility.


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