Wednesday, April 21, 2010

deer me!

Wheeling a barrow full of branches out onto the burn pile on the weekend, I startled this fellow across the road.
He bounded down the slope, down the road
to join his buddy -- yes, two for the price of one!
clearly, they were terrified of me, guilty about all the chomping they've done in my garden
yes, so afraid -- I mean, I'm not using a telephoto lens. That's me, getting up close and personal with the bambis. . . Finally, though, they moved along, having eaten as much as they wanted, and I went back into my yard, past these little tulips happily un-munched outside the gate. Pleased to see they were spared for the moment.

On the ocean side of the yard, a half hour or so later, I was outside weeding when Pater called out to me to look out at the beach.

I'm not sure what their plan was, but it seemed to be stymied when they got to this point

and then they turned 'round and headed away to whichever garden they had designs on next.

Annoying as they are when they eat the blossom I'm waiting to see open, chez moi they can have carte blanche.


  1. Deery me! I love the look of them on the rocks! Not so much munching your plantings...they have every right to be here just as we in harmony!

  2. We have lots of deer in hills here too. With no natural predators, they enjoy themselves).

  3. We don't get deer in my neighborhood, but my friends who live in the hills and canyons do. They are a bit more shy than yours seem to be.

    We do have a pair of ducks (male and female) who "summer" every year in our neighborhood. They're pretty unafraid, as everyone feeds them.

  4. Love the Bambie blog post. I miss having deer in my garden. As I have never been a gardener, I never had anything good for them to eat and so I only saw them as adorable visitors.

  5. Oooooh, I love it, love it, love it. We have deer near us as well. It always makes me happy to see them.

    I have been so remiss, please forgive me.

    Of course we MUST have our verre when you come to Paris. I'll be here. You give me the time and place and I will be there. Let's e-mail:

    Can't wait.


  6. Hostess: I have to admit I liked them a wee bit better when our Golden was alive to bark them away from the garden . . .
    LPC: I have to admit, about this time some of my neighbours start muttering about venison ;-)
    Pseu: Resident ducks are fun as well -- makes me think of the Children's classic, Make Way for Ducklings.
    LBR: they're pretty magical, truly!
    Tish: the e-mail's sent; soon I'll have "meet Tish for wine in Paris 3 p.m." scribbled into my dayplanner for a summer day -- how cool is that!

  7. That's a sight I'm never going to see here! No deer.

  8. *Stopping by to wish a great day and many blessings.*

  9. Do you always have the camera along? Maybe I should too, just in case to get a snap shot of something lovely!

  10. Don't you live in an idyllic spot? The deer are beautiful (but maybe less so when munching on your plants)!

  11. I thought the deer were cute until I thought they were going to eat your tulips! Your street view is just so pretty though, no wonder the deer want to hang around.

  12. These sightings are always exciting! Here, it's squirrels that snarfle my bulbs, not nearly as graceful as deer. I try to deter them with peanuts but they do love their bulb candy.

  13. Imogen: I guess you'll have to make do with kangaroos ;-)
    Metscan: I just had to run back in the house and the deer seemed content to wait for me.
    Tiffany/Cybill: It is an idyllic spot and I have to agree the world is more magical with the deer in it.
    Thanks, Gina -- good to hear from you again. I've missed you.
    Duchesse: I know squirrels can get to be an urban pest, but I don't know that I'd ever tire of them. I might resent the reduced bulb count though ;-)


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