Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Daughter Models . . . Colourful Knit!

As promised, here is my most recent Knitting FO, the Kauni cardigan, being modeled by its intended recipient, daughter #3 -- who, I'm pleased to say, claims to love it and says she will wear it regularly enough to justify giving it to her (I said if she finds that's not the case, I have first dibs on it -- I'd just hang it over a chair for a bit of colour, and wear it at home).
Megan fairly points out that if she'd had advance notice, she would have styled the sweater differently, wearing it over something that it could play against more convincingly. But I think she's already making it look pretty good. . .
Don't you agree? (and yes, her curls are courtesy of Mother Nature -- and she has the thickest hair any of her hairdressers have EVER seen!). Love you, sweetie!


  1. THANKS! did the muscle man picture not turn out?
    the sweater looks good eh!

  2. Wow - that's some complicated pattern!

    The colours suit her colouring really well too.

  3. I honestly like the sweater on your daughter. Maybe a T, the same color as the jeans would be fine too!

  4. Meagan is lovely! She is very fortunate to be wearing such an intricate and colorful creation by you and I think it will elevate even the simplest attire!
    I do not think you will be getting this one back!!

  5. Hello, hello,

    Let's do this in order:

    1.) Beautiful daughter.
    2.) It is beyond my imagination that anyone could actually knit a sweater like that. (I'm sending my friend Trisha Malcolm, editor of Vogue Knitting over here to have a look)
    3.) You must tell me your dates,

    Hope the weather is gorgeous on your island paradise.

  6. It looks gorgeous on Meagan - she's a lucky gal!

  7. Adorable. Like mother, like daughter.

  8. Fabulous daughter, as always. And the sweater looks perfect on her: it suits her coloring well, and even in these photos it seems to suit her personality as well, it just seems a part of the package and all the more intriguing because of this.

    Fabulous pattern, and fabulous work on your part.

  9. That sweater's colors are MADE for her! She looks fab.

  10. girlcook: I'll show you the muscle man photo sometime; you'll thank me for not posting . . .
    Imogen: Thanks! I thought the colours look good on her, but it's nice to have an expert opinion.
    Metscan: As I say, she just threw the sweater on over what she was already wearing -- I'm sure she'll surprise me with some fine stylings in the next while.
    Hostess: You're right -- this one's not coming back home. I've resigned myself ;-)
    Tish: 1)thank you! I think she's gorgeous too, but I know I'm biased. 2) are you kidding me? I'll be honoured but embarrassed to have the editor of Vogue Knitting drop by -- she will have seen this sweater made up by much better knitters, I'm sure. and 3) yes, I'll e-mail you very soon -- we do have to plan for that Parisian glass of wine.
    Jillian: And I'm a lucky mom!
    LPC: Yes, I love to think the adorability factor is somewhat genetic ;-)
    Mardel: You're absolutely right -- her personality will wear this sweater very convincingly. While it could be "me", I'd have to work too hard at it -- which defeats the purpose, I think. She and the sweater are a more natural match.
    Karen: Thanks! Now she has two style consultants giving her the stamp of approval on this one, lucky girl!

  11. I am seriously impressed. And her hair is envy worthy.

  12. Beautiful! Great colouring, nice shape. And the sweater looks good too.

  13. People, I'm here to say I've met
    both mater & Meg, and the adorability is definitely genetic! She is wearing the sublime sweater beautifully,

  14. Megan, I'm sure you're blushing - don't I have lovely commenters?! thank you, all!

  15. Stunning sweater on a stunning girl, with perfect curls.

    And a great mom!

  16. Wow, how did I miss this post?

    Your daughter is lovely, and looks lovely in the sweater. I think it looks fabulous with jeans!


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