Sunday, March 7, 2010

We Are Family; I got all my Sisters with Me!*

With 3 of my sisters (left to right Kathy, Me, Rachel, and Hilary) after today's Harry's Spring Run-Off 8K. It's an annual fundraiser to support Prostate Cancer Research, a special cause for us since that's what our Dad had. Rachel was first in her age/gender category and got a big medal (she won this in the past, and was just pleased they didn't repeat the prize of natural menopause drugs!). Hilary, Kathy, and I all turned in decent times -- I was especially pleased to complete in just over 44 minutes, a pace of 5:33 per kilometre, so that I didn't disgrace myself in front of my baby sisters.

And did those crepes taste great after! Such a good morning -- thanks, sisters!
*this isn't really all my sisters, but I'm not messing with Pointer Sister lyrics . . .


  1. WOW...that is inspiring MR.HB had Prostate cancer too, he is alive because of my nagging...his father had it twice...I begged and pleaded and finally he succombed to my pleas and got tested....full on out of the ball park major cancer....numbers scary for a man of his age....we women have to stick together...keep on grateful to live in a country with health care.

  2. I now feel both fat & lazy!
    Well done though.

  3. Heartening and an important contribution, thank you for running and posting this.

  4. HHB: My nagging has at least finally extracted a promise -- whether it gets followed through on remains to be seen . . .
    Alison: Sorry and thanks!
    Duchesse: There are so many people doing such inspiring fundraising work, and education and research . . .the running was very small in light of that, but it was my wee contribution, at least.

  5. Great job all of you, and how fun to have your family support in the endeavor.

  6. What a fabulous picture! How neat that you get to share this activity.

  7. Thanks Tiffany, Mardel, and Pseu. I know I'm lucky to be able to do these with my sisters -- lucky just to have such great sisters!


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