Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spring Wardrobe-Shopping

This exuberantly-paisleyed silk shirt-dress is a bit too short and spirited for me to carry off in March on its own -- once my legs have tanned a bit and I can wear it with sandals alongside other summer silliness, fine, but I'd feel far too exposed in it right now. I've worn the dress as a tunic over leggings (with flats) before, but wanted something a bit different. Honestly, I've been on the verge of passing the dress along, thinking it too young for me, but I'm still so drawn to the print that I'm not ready to let go -- it allows me to wear orange by mixing it with cherry, navy, and taupe.

So I thought I'd pick up a pair of very slim black lightweight pants à la this Playing in Our Closets post -- shockingly, though, when I found a pair I thought would do, they were $160, and in a polyester jersey, looked a bit too mumsy -- not at all like Edith's gorgeous skin-tight satin pair!

Only wanting to assemble a fun, transitional look, I wasn't prepared to shell out much for new pants, and was almost ready to abandon the idea, when I thought of trying it with my skinny jeans et voilà.
I'm not completely convinced by the belt -- my H shape generally tries to avoid one, but here I'm trying to follow Imogen's advice and wear it a bit lower -- perhaps I should have ignored the waist belt loops, though, and just let it sit at the hips. Next time, I might even try belting it over the navy cardigan. . .
These slouchy boots are coming to the end of their useful outdoor life, but they're so comfy they may get a reprieve to serve as slippers inside!

This spring transition look:
Silk paisley shirt-dress, Banana Republic
Navy lightweight merino cardigan, Aritzia
Dark skinny jeans, Wilfrid (Aritzia)
Brown slouchy boots, Browns
Leather belt, FCUK
All shopped in my closet -- Savings of $160 for avoiding questionable black jersey pants, ka-ching!

What closet-shopping spring transitions have you played with lately?


  1. Ka-ching indeed! That's a fantastic outfit! I am so inspired by your stylings - new ways to put things together.

    It occurred to me recently that I have a barely worn black suit blazer that I could wear with the cuffs rolled up for that menswear inspired trend without spending a penny. And that's exactly what I did - with a bright aquamarine t-shirt, dark stick jeans and 4-inch wedge platforms. Love that feeling of shopping from the closet!

  2. Gosh, you look anything BUT too old to wear that. I think I agree with you on the belt, I'd put it at the hips. On the other hand, I never wear belts, so maybe you should completely ignore what I just said:).

  3. I love this ensemble! It looks great with the jeans. I agree, belts can be tricky for us. I've pretty much given up on them, kudos to you for making it work!

  4. I like this idea..leggings by Hue could work here too...belts are fun. I wear mine lower...and always wonder if I am chopping my short frame up but it does give me shape and I think it adds interest.
    Aritzia have quite the selection don't they?

  5. Like LPC, I don't do belts. But this looks great. And, leggings would also be a great way to go. I have a $15 off coupon for BR. You have made me want to take a closer look at that dress/tunic.

  6. That looks great. I'm another H who has to eschew belts most of the time, but occasionally I am really daring and wear one. Love the colours in the tunic.

  7. Jillian: That sounds like a great outfit -- and the savings can go toward more stash, right? (altho' I note that you've been doing some de-stashing lately!)
    LPC: I seldom wear them either, so I'm always a bit unsure. Sales assistants are always assuring me that anyone can wear a belt, but I KNOW they're wrong!
    Pseu: When the waist is about 1/4 inch long and the belt is 2 inches, the logistics are just not cooperative!
    HHB: I've done leggings with this dress (and Hue make great ones, don't they!) but I wanted a different look. And yes, Aritzia one of my main suppliers . . .
    LBR: This tunic is from the year before last -- I think the same year you got that fabulous skirt, the one that came in orange or black, and had a great jacket as an option. Seems to me I went looking for that piece, it wasn't there anymore, so I needed a compensation and this dress was it.
    Tiffany: A woman after my own heart -- you use the word "eschew"! Me too, and then people have to make stupid sneezing jokes (the same people, no doubt, who find humour in pointed toes!

  8. The dress over skinny jeans look is one of my favourites and that is a particularly nice example - love the colours and pattern. I'm afraid I'm very slow to change over to spring wear - since I have been conditioned since childhood (Scottish weather!) to expect changeable weather and I walk and go on public transport, I usually am still in layers and coats and scarves for a long time. I shopped in the time-honoured fashion this weekend, spending 2 or 3 hours in a Max Mara outlet and got a navy short trench, a lovely coral wool and silk scarf and a navy long-sleeved silky t-shirt, around $120 for the lot. I'm sure they will freshen up my wardrobe a bit! Patricia

  9. Patricia: Once again, I'm wishing that you had your own blog -- I'd love to see those new purchases. The trench sounds fab and I love coral against navy!
    Did your mom ever say "Change not a clout / 'Til May is out"? Mine did, regularly, whenever we pestered her to be allowed to wear our shorts on sunny days in April or May.


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