Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Spring Wardrobe Capsule Challenge, Day 3

You are making this so much easier -- notice that I'm a bit more relaxed in these photos, and I'm smiling! Do you think that wearing the cardigan over the dress makes it less obvious that I'm wearing the same garment two days in a row?The weather was so fabulous today, though, that I couldn't always keep the cardi on, so I tried to distract with this red scarf and, of course, the boots and black tights make a change from yesterday's higher-heeled red legs.

Dress, GAP; Cardigan, BR; Scarf, Paris Bon Marché find from a few years back

I should probably mention that my hair gains more height/volume by the time I get to work -- it's generally still damp when I have to photograph it in the morning (these curls just get product applied and then air dry; once they're dry, I "pick" some volume into them from the roots).

And while I have to plan my look carefully, these blooms just need some well-applied sunshine and they dazzle . . .
and just look at that sunshine streaming down to co-operate. . .
These species tulips probably opened up after I left for work (after I left the second time, that is -- had to bike back home when I realized I'd got to the 9 ferry unaccompanied by my purse . . .). I'm a big fan of the way so many blooms open and close according to the sunshine available.
Only two more days of this fun challenge -- I've learned a few things along the way, and I'll definitely be setting a few more practice challenges for myself in the fairly near future.


  1. a) I think without the shirt underneath the dress looks totally different b) this is my favorite yet:).

  2. I agree with LPC that the dress looks totally different here. Very cute! That scarf is fabulous!

    You do look more relaxed and comfortable, nice to see. I didn't have a chance to comment on yesterday's post, but it's true for me too about having internalized all of those posed, lighted and digitally enhanced fashion images. It's tough not to compare our own images to those, which is why it's such a good and brave thing you're doing here. Maybe I'm being idealistic, but I think the more of us who do this, the more we can maybe counterract some of that fashion/beauty industry programming.

    You look fabulous, and how you're working this capsule wardrobe is really inspiring!

  3. This is a good look. The scarf is a big focal point. THe boots look good with the dress.

  4. I like the red scarf with this dress...and you do look happy and was a lovely day here too...sunny and mild.

  5. I do like the top picture. Maybe it is because we, over here in Finland are still living the endless winter season, and so this outfit looks `normal´for me. The red bag surely tops it. And it is so good to see pictures of real women. Your spring pictures leave me in envy...

  6. Great look! And may I also admire those stunning tulips ...

  7. You have the gift! Love how the scarf pulls eye up and totally changes dress. I think the point of the challenge is to remind me I need far, far more clothes than I think- thanks!

  8. LPC: Thanks! I generally wear the dress on its own -- it's the best $70 I've ever spent!
    Pseu: We share the same idealism! Thank you!
    g: Thanks -- I'll have to catch up to your own challenge later.
    HHB: Isn't the sunshine great!
    Metscan: I'll wish some spring your way . . .
    Duchesse: I'm actually finding that I could do with less -- altho' that doesn't seem to stop me wanting more . . .

  9. You've really got a knack for this and the dress doesn't look the same at all; you just look fabulous in it. The glimpses of spring are wonderful. It is warmer here but I think new growth is still a long way off.


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