Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hippie Chic

Here's our little girl shortly after she woke from her nap on Sunday -- she's still solemn, and she's not sure about the headband that came with the little outfit Nana brought. But she can't stay solemn very long . . .and she wanted to play dress-up with the new duds, but only if she got to layer over what she was already wearing . . .don't you love the full hippie? Peace, girlfriend!
And here's a shot that almost captures the speed of her newly-mastered walking. . .

Proud Nana indeed!
No Pilates this week (a break between sessions) and I've taken the evening off from marking to catch up with blogs, to read a new mystery (I'll tell you about it later over at my reading blog -- highly recommended, fun!), to plan the weekend's packing, and I even ran through a few scales and read my way through a Bach Prelude and Fugue and some Brahms Intermezzi. I've taken on one too many extra activities this term, and with last weekend's Run and visit with my sisters, next weekend's Opera, and a talk I have to give at the Public Library tomorrow night (our small university is all about "community engagement" and "knowledge mobilization" right now -- what a bandwagon!), I'm very glad to have one quiet night. And these photos of my dear little girl remind me of what's important, what to make time for -- really, they just make me happy!
Coming up soon, when I find some time:
Some new wardrobe items I splurged on (after some doing without to save)
My new glasses
Some thank yous and blog links
Catch-up on movies
A Tale of Two Purses
And a post mortem/de-briefing of the Spring Wardrobe Capsule Challenge
Possible Travel Plans
Oh dear, life really is too short, isn't it? And you know they're grabbing an hour out from under our feet one of these days, very, very soon . . .


  1. Your granddaughter is so cute. The grin on her face...

  2. Such an adorable hippie chick!
    I am trying to assemble a capsule weekend wardrobe from your capsule ideas as I am packing for my 4 days in Seattle...it looks so easy when you do it!

  3. OMG how cute is she??? Extremely cute, that's how much!

    Enjoy your break, and looking forward to your updates and more wardrobe capsule recap.

  4. I love that first photo, they are my favourites the ones where you catch them in a contemplative mood.
    Not one of mine would have kept anything on thier head that long!
    Looking forward to seeing what you have bought, glad someone else has been spending.

  5. Sometimes I see the title of your post and know it's Nola pics but other times it's a surprise and a pure ray of sunshine, thank you! You seem to me to be a woman of almost limitless accomplishment and the generosity to share it.

  6. Such a cutie! And you are so good to us - lots of great blogging to look forward to. I second Duchesse's comment re. accomplishment and generosity! Patricia

  7. Nola is adorable and lucky to have such an energetic, loving grandmother!


  8. LPC: yes, we're rather fond of that grin!
    Hostess: I bet you'll do a great job as I suspect you may be more disciplined than I am -- I'd put a different capsule together next time.
    Pseu: Thanks for indulging this Nana!
    Alison: Oh, never fear, I did spend . . .
    Duchesse: Thank you so much -- you're a ray of sunshine yourself!
    Patricia: you really should get your own blog -- all this joy from readers, it's wonderful!
    Christine: Thanks -- I think I'm the lucky one!

  9. So cute. I cannot wait to be a grandmother. Some day! I am now trying to learn to be a runner. I've downloaded the podcast Couch to 5k. The Couch describes me well. Nola is such a happy looking little girl.

  10. Nola is charming! I see much of you in her!

  11. Julianne: Good for you! That's how running works -- just one step at a time! Just wait 'til those endorphins kick in . . . they'll keep you off the couch!


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