Friday, March 5, 2010

Day Five, Spring wardrobe capsule challenge

If I weren't so compulsively honest, I could tell you that this is what I wore today -- it's certainly what I started out with, and I think it works well. But in case I needed to take my cardigan off, it requires me to pair my Hermes scarf with the only top possible in this wardrobe capsule, this red-and-navy stripe.
And while I have almost convinced myself this can work, even taking the two out into the sunshine and checking their colours against each other
See, I think they're compatible, congruous, pleasing
but in the end I wasn't sure you'd agree, so I switched to the red scarf -- which you may not find any more credible. And, after all, I kept the cardigan over it most of the day. Since I'm in the city now, where I have more anonymity, I may just wear the top outfit tomorrow and get a sixth day from a Wardrobe Capsule designed for five. I''ve got another one ready to wear for work on Monday, so I'll have managed a full week, and I could easily pull together a few more combinations. I'll post later on what I've learned from the exercise, what I might do differently if there's a next time.
Meanwhile, today's line-up:
FCUK top, BR cardigan, BR navy skinny cords, red scarf
FCUK top, BR cardigan, BR navy skinny cords, Hermes scarf


  1. ma,IMO the not-quite of the Hermes scarf is due to the misaligment in mood. I have some casual tops that I can't wear them with, the "essences" just do not match. Also have some carrés with very casual themes that dress down easier. Feel free to communicate this to Pater. At any rate, another chic naval day.

  2. I agree with Duchesse. The scarf is flirty and flowery, the shirt is jaunty and nautical. In any case, you made me laugh out loud with your meta-narration. Have a good weekend.

  3. I know! LPC and Duchesse, you're both absolutely right. The cotton vs. silk also makes a difference, imo. Although the red print against the stripes is also a bit of a stretch, it seems to work better because, as you suggest, both pieces have a casual -- jaunty, yes! LPC -- vibe.

    So I'll just keep the cardi closed today, and no one will know how ill-matched my lovely Hermes scarf is to my nautical top. And LPC, always happy to inspire laughter! And Duchesse, I'm planning a walk with Pater right past a certain shop today. Hint, its name begins with H and ends with S . . .

  4. Hermes secretly under a cardigan is like racy lacy lingerie...only you know it's there! Have fun on the walk past...H----S! I'l be walking by in a couple of weekends, but I also will be going least to browse....have a lovely weekend too. This post week was so much fun!

  5. Great capsule.
    Thank you so much for taking part. Look out for the round-up next weekend.

  6. I liked the whole first clash to match thing but I also know if something is jarring a little my mood can be grim to say the least.
    Well done for keeping this going though.

  7. HHR: We detoured since I spent a bit too much time at that other dangerous "H" place -- Holt Renfrew!
    Jane: Thanks for stopping by -- and thanks for setting this challenge -- I had fun and I learned a few things as well.
    Alison: I had fun playing with it, at least, but you're right, the least niggle of insecurity or discontent with the match and the pleasure's gone.

  8. Oh the colors of the Hermes is lovely but really they are two pieces with contradictory attitudes. I think they don't want to play, or you have to be in a certain tilting at windmills mood to pull it off, not as easy as it looks.

  9. Mardel: Exactly, but given the capsule challenge, I had to at least try . . .


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