Monday, February 15, 2010

Halfway through February

It's so often a killer month, yet here we are, and the crocuses are well up . ..

Thanks for your comments on my recent family challenge -- it will be an ongoing one, as this weekend's visit proved. That said, I had a lovely brief visit -- just enough time for a hug and a chat -- with my mother, who was as evasively agreeable as possible (but no she isn't, although she might, and who ever thought, and why would I think, and oh, did she say that?). Sisterly solidarity was much fun, although too brief (and ever so slightly toooo noisy). Four of us will be participating in an 8K run next month, three of us much faster than the oldest of us (which would be me!).

Took in some Olympic vibe strolling 'round downtown Vanc'r. Got some photos while playing tourist in my own city. Thought we put on rather a good show for the rest of you, and can you beat that story of our first-ever-on-own-soil-gold-medalist and his brother?

Had the best time ever with little Nola who is really getting the hang of this walking thing and who loves to say "Hi" with a big grin. Again. And again. I don't tire of it, altho' I think her folks are on the verge of finding it not quite as cute. That's what grandparents are for, right?

So I'll be back soon with a few photos. Hope you had a good weekend as well, and perhaps even a stash of V. Day's chocolates to keep you going.


  1. It sounds like a wonderful weekend with a nice mix of family and the issues of various generations, including the delight of grandparenting.

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  3. Crocuses up already ?? And we will have a cold and windy weekend! I find January the toughest month to go through. Luckily we are past that, and the increasing amount of daylight is very noticeable! There, something positive to say in the end!

  4. Your mother sounds so charmingly Canadian of a certain era, if I may say. That is, without presuming, and no offense intended. A nice cup of tea?
    And Nola, in her era! How I envy you (in a fond way).

  5. Mardel: It was a great mix, altho' it caused me to neglect the marking and prep I should have done -- so a nicely unbalanced mix!
    Metscan: Whoops! I shouldn't have mentioned the crocuses. Not very thoughtful, was that! And nonetheless, you managed to find the bright spot -- good for you!
    Duchesse: If I've presented her that way, I'm a bit amused at myself. The tea was conceptual only, I have to say! Fond envy, I love it!!

  6. No chocolates, but I did finally get a clean toilet!
    Snow drops and catkins over here and I realise that natures clock is ticking too fast again.
    The toddler years fly past too

  7. I got roses instead of chocolates. I prefer the roses as I am less likely to eat them.;-)

    I am watching the Olympics with a special eye on Vancouver. Such a gorgeous city!!!

    LOL @ Nola's walk and greet. How did she get so big so fast???

  8. I could be clearer, the 'nice cup of tea' was my extending the discourse of diversion. I have myself convinced your mother has to be charming, as she is your mother.

  9. Indie: sometimes a clean toilet is the best gift of all!
    LBR: Vanc'r really is gorgeous right now, with spectacular weather to showcase to the world!
    Duchesse: I'm glad I manage to focus on the positives so you can see her charm -- and thank you for the compliment (and the understanding).


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