Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Art-ful Colour

I'm sure you're wearying a bit of this sweater, but I couldn't resist showing you what I noticed the other day -- how much its colourplay evokes this painting by Grant Leier that I'm lucky enough to have hanging on my wall. As well, it plays with repetition of pattern as Leir often does in his work.

Sadly, my sweater doesn't incorporate text, as Leier's paintings often do, but I'm thinking now of a future project with this Kauni yarn spelling out an exhortation to celebrate in one colour story against a background in another.
Or maybe a message like this one:

Have you counted yours lately?


  1. How well the colors match! I often/always pick the same colors for my home and my wardrobe. To the question asked: Too seldom. Year 2008 was a mess in my life and it acquired all year 2009 to get back on my feet. But, when you mentioned it, I´ll try to remember.

  2. Such a delightful burst of color on the painting...uplifting and whimsical at the same time...your sweater I'd say is very painterly!

  3. Do you naturally gravitate to that palette? Did you select the painting? Truly an accord!

  4. Metscan: I see your new blog as a way of counting your blessings, at least in your initial posts. And when we're feeling cursed my life, it's tough to find the blessing -- I hope this year will make it easier for you to count yours!
    HHB: Of course, the painterliness comes from the clever spinners/dyers.
    Duchesse: (and Metscan, who implied a similar question) -- no, I don't really gravitate to this palette for wardrobe or decor, but there's something about the warmth and liveliness that's obviously drawn me to it more than once. I was actually surprised to recognize how closely the sweater echoed the painting.


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