Friday, January 15, 2010

Whatever the weather -- how to smile anyway . . .

On the official Environment Canada WeatherOffice page for my city right now, the symbol above is followed by another rain icon, and another, and another -- it's all rain, all the way into the future . . .
Oh, pardon me. There is variety after all. Next Wednesday and Thursday we have this to look forward to:
Today, though, there are compensations. I'm going to go have coffee (Decaf Americano, very good beans, roasted this week, great barista, it will be a wonderful cup) and a brioche at Mon Petit Choux, then go to Pilates (not my usual Friday-morning routine, but my Thursday class conflicted with a Gallery Opening I was lucky enough to be invited to yesterday), followed by some pampering time at my hairdresser's -- there won't be much point letting her straighten my hair, though, in this kind of weather, the instant-curl kind! -- and then I'm meeting an old Prince Rupert (small north-coastal community where we lived for seven years in the 80s) friend at a local brew-pub. I haven't seen Cathy for maybe two years, but I know the visit will be an easy and delightful one, picking up comfortably as if we were still at her summer cabin with all the kids running in and out, oh so long ago . . . .
And if that weren't enough to keep my mind off the rain, there's always this girl. (I have a short video clip of her dancing which I've uploaded into another possible post, but I'm squirming a bit at the sound of my voice in the accompanying track -- doting grandma baby-talk much? -- so we'll see whether I actually post it or not).

Hope you can find this much happiness somewhere despite whatever weather winter might be throwing at you!


  1. I can just imagine her dancing:).

  2. Oh, please, please post the dancing clip!! Indoor plans that include tasty beverages are a perfect antidote to winter weather.

    Surprisingly, we have those little rain icons populating the entire next week's forecast. I'm cautiously hopeful; while we never want too much rain all at once (causes mudslides in burn areas), we've been in such an extended drought for the last few years that it would be good to see the guages register a few inches.

  3. Just settling in for the unremitting grey...

  4. We have little rain icons too. And I'm happy they are not little snow icons, not that I'm complaining -- all the horribly cold nasty bitter stuff has been south of me, where they aren't used to it, and here where we might even like a little snow it is unusually warm....

  5. Bring on the dancing girls! What rain? Arrived home in the beautiful sunshine yesterday although I admit to see water squeezing out of every crack and crannie in the ground.

  6. LPC: She's a very happy dancing girl!
    Pseu: You're very welcome to some of ours . . . and yes, I think I should look up that fabulous tea recipe you offered not too far back, the perfect antidote to what's outside.
    Thomas: Isn't it gloomy?! Good to see you here, btw.
    Mardel: Yes, I have to remind myself (as Pseu does)that one person's poor weather is what someone else might prefer . . .
    Liz: I know! Wasn't that a glorious surprise -- the sunshine appeared a few hours after I posted. Still, coming off the dock last night, we walked into a huge puddle, huge! and the ground was saturated throughout the park. . .

  7. What a little doll she is! Oh, I love babies! They always manage to keep my mind off the weather and put a smile on my lips and a twinkle in my eyes.

  8. She looks like such a character! How lucky you are to have such wonderful distractions from the gloom. We've got a brief reprieve in New York at the moment, it almost feels like spring out. But it is temporary I'm sure.

  9. Joy in a onesie! You better post that video, we know where you live.

  10. Angie: I know! Babies just lift the heart!
    Laura: Glad to meet you, and thanks for commenting -- enjoy your brief reprieve weather-wise.
    Duchesse: Ha!

  11. Having survived the snow and rain we got an unexpected blue sky today, it felt like the end rather than middle of January. So just the one thermal vest and 2 cashmere cardies today! I do miss that whole baby thing, tiny things they do can bring unquantifiable amounts of pleasure.

  12. Actually I think I'd prefer sunshine. But our lovely 40+ degree weather (F) is changing again and the promise of rain has been rescinded in favor of snow and sleet. I'd rather have rain.

  13. Alison: When we get a glimpse of the blue sky here, it's been fabulous, with temps bumping into the low teens . . . promises of spring. . .
    Mardel: Yes, there's a possibility of snow/sleet here by the weekend, and I'm remembering how great rain is! No shovels needed . . .


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