Monday, January 11, 2010

The Story Continues -- Here Come the Boots!

The story continues . . .

Early in December, I think it was, Une Femme posted about some Fluevog boots or shoes and I, of course, clicked on that link. I spent a bit of time visiting Mr. Fluevog's glorious universe and before I was done, I'd cut-and-pasted a link for the Zinka boots pictured above into an e-mail for Pater (as some of you know, Pater and I live in different cities during the week, so we e-mail at least daily). The link was intended as playful entertainment and, admittedly, as a hint, and my message said something about how hot I'd be in these boots (sorry, kids, your folks sometimes do talk this way, even after 35 years together . . . ). I'd been thinking about getting a pair of red boots and these are in the Operetta family as are my Giulias, so I know just how comfortable they are, even with the 2.5 inch heel.
About a week later, though, I started realizing these just might be too much of a boot -- so red, and patent at that, and I did my best to cancel the hint, although I recognized a risk that this might just be perceived as more-hinting-disguised-as-demurring (because I may have resorted to that very strategy in the past). I thought the message had been received clearly, but then one mid-December morning, checking my Mastercard account on-line, I saw a large charge from Fluevog, and I knew what my Christmas present would be.
In fact, I've known what my gift would be or at least where it was coming from for most of the past 5 or 6 Christmasses. Since Pater and I share joint accounts and since I'm in charge of them (and explaining this situation was the whole point of my preamble). Pater will sometimes try leaving his shopping 'til Christmas Eve when the charge won't show up 'til after Christmas, but that obviously has risks as well. We could work out a system whereby we'd each have a set amount of cash for gift-shopping, but we haven't yet. Meanwhile, he compensates by occasionally giving me a surprise gift on a non-occasion so there doesn't have to be a lag between buying and giving, so no time for me to see the pre-gift announcement on my MC.
Anyway, the point is that for almost two weeks before Christmas I knew I was getting a pair of boots that I now had misgivings about. I came around, though. I realized that while I wouldn't have spent my own shoe budget on them as they were perhaps too red to be practical, they were still fun and comfortable, and they didn't have to be factored into my budget as they were a gift. I didn't say anything more to Pater about them beyond acknowledging that I'd seen the charge and him saying I couldn't open or wear them 'til Christmas.
So by the time I opened the big Fluevog box on Christmas morning, I was already to put on my game face and, in fact, was looking forward to wearing the boots over the rest of the holidays. I can tromp kilometres in my Giulias, and the tromping would be even more fun in knee-high red patent!
Instead, I opened the box to find
Can you see the difference? I couldn't understand how Pater could miss it . . . how could he get this wrong? how did he manage to pick the wrong pair from the ones I'd sent him the link to?
Turns out he didn't -- he just went to the Fluevog shop, had a look at the ones I'd suggested, decided that he had enough reservations about them that he thought he'd see what he could find on his own, and he was initially drawn to the deep wine colour of these Kona boots, which he rightly saw as being more sophisticated. Next, he thought the sheer sexiness of them -- hello, corset lacing! -- reflected how he feels about me and so made the gift more eloquent. And, finally, he ignored the reality of the 3.25 heel and figured he'd let me at least try them. He got helpful advice from the young women in the shop, getting them to look up my size on the shop computer, telling them my age and dress style, and then he decided to take a chance and at least surprise me.
Well, he did. For one thing, even though these are my usual size in Fluevogs, they fit small, and although I could squeeze my feet into them, they were clearly too tight. As well, I was sure the heel was going to be too high and impractical, although I agreed that the leather and the colour were sumptuous. Finally, there was no denying the sexiness of the style; it's just that I wasn't sure how much I wanted to own that sexiness in public, at my age.
Again, though, I thought about them as a gift and I realized they really didn't need to be practical. While I initially was going to exchange them for another pair or for store credit, I was gradually seduced by them. I broke my decades-long proscription against mercantile transactions on Boxing Day and popped into Fluevog's on Granville where they found me the right size and let me strut around until I was convinced. Because of the heel's shape and placement, I guess, the boots are remarkably comfortable to wear (although the fittedness of the ankles and calves means the wearer should be careful on stairs). I walked a fair bit in them this past weekend with no problem at all, and Pater and I both felt very pleased about a successful, and surprising, gift.
p.s. the Zinkas (the top pair) are now on sale at Fluevogs . . . and they come in practical black as well. . .


  1. Wow! Score another one for Pater! I'm glad that you overcame your reservations and that you were able to get the correct size.

    I read your preamble with interest. For me, I grew up with no money either, but being a magazine junkie from an early age has meant that I've always been aware of trends and, shall we say, the finer things in life (especially with my interest in languages). Ho hum, haven't been able to indulge much, although I did get a Furla bag for Christmas. I find that I look a lot and and am reluctant to spend! The boys are always complaining that I look and never buy anything! Patricia

  2. Go Pater! I like the second ones even better, myself, as long as they don't hurt your feet. And if we can't be overtly, but appropriately, sexy, at this point, then we can never redeem the inadvertently sexiness of our 20's. How sweet. But, I have to ask, couldn't Pater pay cash for presents to retain the surprise element? Not that there's anything wrong with your method, just asking.

  3. I 'll bet that there's a lightness in your step when you wear these lovely lovely boots! and I SWOON they are RED! MY FAVE!

  4. Pater has a great eye for boots( and for Maters;-). I LOVE the boots he picked out. Really, they seem more you that the boots you chose. They seem richer, sexier and just MORE. More is always better. I am so happy this boot story had a happy ending.:-)

  5. Wow, those are gorgeous (both pair). That second pair is definitely quite va-va-voom! Good to know the heel placement makes these comfortable, as the height would scare me off. Hooray for Pater for having an excellent eye!

  6. This is such a fun story! I think both pairs are gorgeous. Wanna bet these end up being a favorite pair? I say this because every so often something that I wouldn't have picked out myself, or did but wouldn't have been my usual style ends up being a favorite. N (with my suggestion) got me a pair of boots for xmas too! Frye's :) Although I have exchanged the style and are expecting them tomorrow. Can't wait!

  7. Oh, I so much enjoyed your both posts. I didn´t have much pocket money either in my childhood, my mother always told me that we were poor ( which was not true ), I was the only child, and both my parents had well-paid jobs. Your new boots look exciting !

  8. What is it about boots that make them irresistible? Especially red boots. I'm just imagining you strutting your stuff in them and am already thinking that those boots have a story of their own to tell.

  9. Pater has a great eye for boots. Good for him for going for something that his fit his view of you, and good for you for letting the boots seduce you a bit. There is nothing wrong with a little sexiness combined with sophistication, and what better age to pull it off.

    And how clever of Pater to surprise you when he knew what you would think. Sometimes a surprise, and perhaps a little less practicality, are the best things.

  10. I love the thought, the admiration, the surprise element- and would also love these on you! Women whose partners don't have that sensibility should fwd this post!

    BTW I propose that partners (who are sharing their financial life) have both joint AND individual accounts, charge cards, etc. That way you can be 100% surprised.

  11. Wow, great boots, both pair! I love the red patent, but I think Pater scored a hit with the ones he gave you!

    They just seem more sophisticated, and yet sexier, because they're more subtle.


  12. Yes, I like them both too. I think I'd have gone for the first pair but in black because I'm not adventurous (sexy?) enough for red, and too tottery for really high heels. Here are mine : Bottes Pataugas FELINE !

  13. Patricia: Like your boys, Pater notes that my looking-to-buying ratio is high -- he tends to shop only when he needs to, and then he's quite decisive. Of course, you and I enjoy the looking almost as much as the buying, right?
    I bet your Furla bag is great!
    LPC and Duchesse: in an ideal world, Pater would, indeed, get out enough cash to pay that way (the Debit card wouldn't work because I check that daily as well) -- but that puts an extra step in the way of shopping, and it's not so likely to happen. If only one of his assistants could help . . . And perhaps once he retires and isn't so busy, he'll change his ways. The separate account you recommend, Duchesse, is definitely a good idea, but it's an extra layer of admin on the home front . . . And we're both old dogs saving our energy for really important new tricks ;-)
    Hostess: Yes, even the wine ones are red, aren't they! And I do step lightly in them.
    LBR: Here's to MORE!
    Pseu: They're surprisingly easy to walk in, but they're also sexy enough that I can probably get Pater to bring the car around . . .
    Jillian: I think you're right -- I remember a dress Pater bought me years and years ago, a complete surprise and one that I first thought I wouldn't like. I ended up finding it flattering -- every time I wore it, I'd get comments. I hung onto it for many years and loved it 'til the end, altho' I would never have chosen it myself.
    So are you going to post on your Frye boots? I love almost anything they do!
    Metscan: Why do you think your mother wanted you to think you were poor, then? Was she worried about what a sense of entitlement might do? Did she want to instil frugal habits?
    60/16: There really is something about boots, isn't there? Just think of the story of Puss in Boots, those 7-league boots that were so empowering. Strutting my stuff, yes!
    Mardel: He really did a good job, and I'm glad some little voice or other convinced me to accept the gift as given rather than exchanging it in the name of practicality.
    Christine: Thanks! I prefer his choice to mine now as well -- although I'm not sure how subtle any boots with corset lacing and tassels can really be! ;-)
    Lesley: Well, those first pair in black are on sale right now . . .
    Although you've already got yourself a great pair, I love those Pataugas!! And like mine, corset lacing, pretty sexy, no?!

  14. Pater picked a gorgeous pair of boots, and kudos to him for going in a different direction. I like the ones you chose, but the ones he picked are tres sexy! IMO, it reflects well on your relationship that he went in that direction.

    ...and like you said, your original choice is on sale! Best of both worlds.

  15. Where DO you women find these men? Seriously Emin's idea of a gift is a square of his chocolate bar. I kid you not, your husband is a genius, those red boots would have caught your eye amd jarred the entire day, but this colour is perfect. I ache to wear such heels and I am so glad they had your size. Go Pater!

  16. OMG, you have a shoe budget?
    I have never been able to stick to a budget or a diet.

  17. Nancy: Thanks! but I'm trying to ignore the temptation in your comment . . . ;-)
    IndiAl: I know, I'd already decided my original choice would have been too much, and I'm so glad he chose the ones he did. And you're right, I'm pretty lucky to have a guy who gives thoughtful gifts.
    BMGM: When I use the term "shoe budget" it's in a very loose manner -- as in, the money that I spend on shoes . . . often assessed after rather than before the fact!

  18. Funny, but when I first glanced at the photos of the boots, I knew that the second pair was more suited to your personality. And how sweet that your love bought you those sexy ones. The man's got taste!

  19. Angie: I haven't shown him these comments yet, but I know he'll be gratified to see how instantly my commenters preferred his boots to mine. And I do too now!

  20. They are some hot mama boots! I love them - if you get sick of them feel free to send them my way!

  21. Aren't they great, Imogen? Not much chance of my tiring of them, but when I give up a 3+inch heel, you'll be first on my list;-)

  22. Oh, I did a postmortem on 2009, too.

    I took the Wardrobe Refashion pledge for half of 2008 and began record keeping. I kept track of my 2009 clothing spending. Despite being on a stuff diet, I managed to buy 23 new items of clothing or accessories.

    I spent $1200, with ~$400 on shoes. I made 11 clothing mistakes, nothing expensive. But I will try to buy more efficiently; stuff I will actually wear.

  23. Love this post. I actually prefer the secod boot too . . .

  24. Brave of you, BMGM -- I'm not sure I'd want to know what I spend on clothes and/or shoes although it could determined since I put it all on MasterCard. In our early years as a family, I used the envelopes system of budgeting, and I sometimes wonder if I could ever go back to that if I had to.
    Miss C: Pater's feeling quite smug about my readers' approval of his choice -- but a husband who's smug about his skills at buying great gifts for his wife is not such a bad thing to have . . .


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