Friday, December 4, 2009

What she wore -- babystyle!

Not much time to write nor much energy. I've been fighting a cold bug -- went to sleep at 8 the last two nights AND collapsed into a nap as soon as I got home as well. Classes are virtually over (one last session for one section each on Monday), which is great, except it means marking, marking, marking. But today will be a day of treats -- I have a hair appointment this afternoon, and Pater and I are having dinner at friends' this evening -- beginning with a quiet morning at home. Nothing exciting to chat with you about and my marking-grumbles aren't fit to read, so I thought you might be entertained instead by these pictures of my granddaughter realizing that her mother had solved the hat problem.

Here she is, still enjoying or tolerating the novelty of something that envelopes her entire head -- her mom and I found this at a children's wear consignment shop in their neighbourhood that also sells select clothing by local designers. This brilliant little hood (made in 3 sizes in a variety of great fabrics by one of those local designers) is constructed of two layers of a medium-weight cotton knit, finished at the faceline with a band of ribbing -- you can just glimpse the broad purple stripes she'll sport when wearing it reversed. (To Nola's left, you can see some of the stack of "new" (gently used) clothes we brought home for her -- such fun shopping this way, and no guilt at all!).

As you see below, our little girl quickly realized what it was Mom loved about this hood -- she can't take it off, as she does with all her other hats.
And is that a face of resignation or despair?
We're more used to seeing a smile on her face, but if she's going to be a bit sad, I think it might be a worthwhile tradeoff for how much warmer she'll be with her little ears covered. In fact, I've been checking out Ravelry for knitted patterns of helmets/hoods that are equally easy to get on and equally difficult to take off -- Nana knows that wool will be even warmer than that cotton. Even better, alpaca or even cashmere ('cause baby stuff doesn't take much yardage) so there's no itch factor to take the smile of that face.


  1. She is so gosh-darn cute!!! Sam used to pull off all his hats too, (though here worn for sun protection rather than warmth) so I was always searching for those with chin straps. That one looks marvellous!

    Feel better soon! A little Balvenie and a roaring fire might help...

  2. All the better to frame her gorgeous face. Soooo cute!

    Take good care of your self. Tea, soup and a good book are my recommendations. I find Thai soup with lots of garlic, chile, and citrus can cure most things.

  3. wow! she really really looks like Brown in the top photo!

  4. Get well mater, half our staff at school is off too. With holidays around the corner it's a good idea to cocoon and take care. Don't know if you like homemade chicken soup but it is my cure for every cold and flu.
    Nola is a doll!

  5. Children's consignment is THE BEST b/c atthat age the little ones don't realy wear things out. I'm confident adorable Nola will adapt to ear covering. (Don't tell her high heels await in the future, though.)

    And hope the naps knocked the cold out!

  6. Pseu: Thanks! We've got the roaring fire going, but I should have gone to bed early last night instead of dinner with friends. I have a voice this morning that would rival any baritone!
    LBR: I'll place an order with my personal chef -- spicy Thai soup, yumm!
    Girlcook: Really? I just see Adam's nephew, William.
    HHB: It's pretty annoying to be sick on my own time when I've managed to stay healthy enough to not miss a class all term! Still, at least it's just a cold rather than the dreaded flu.
    Duchesse: You're right -- she needn't know that more discomfort lurks in tempting forms in her future. Looking at those cute and comfy kids' clothes, I can't help be a bit envious!!

  7. Lol, lol, and more lol. I remember so well the confusion that hats and hood brought...She still looks like she did as a newborn. At what point do we become "recognizable" as ourselves?


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