Sunday, December 20, 2009

Some quiet time at Christmas

For a variety of reasons, I am feeling disinclined to blog here at the moment. I'm not sure how long I will feel this way, but I've decided to honour the feeling rather than fill the screen out of obligation only. I will still be posting occasionally at Materfamilias Reads, but I suspect I'll be out of action here for a few more weeks, and if/when I do come back, I will probably try to switch up my formula a bit. I know I risk losing readers this way, but I risk that even more if I write because I "should" rather than because I "want." My hope is that you will stay subscribed to, or following, this site, so that if I should start chatting again, you'll hear about it and perhaps even welcome me back.

In the meantime, thank you all so much for being here, for visiting me regularly, for commenting thoughtfully over the year. And, especially, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


  1. I'll stay tuned for your next post and I hope that you have been restored to good health after your recent bout with that nasty cold.
    Cocoon and relax, enjoy the festive season and come back when you feel inspired.
    It is such a busy time for me in the Humble Bungalow, baking, hostess-ing, cooking, wrapping, decorating, shopping, and knitting for the grandchild due in June!
    I finished work on Friday and closed up the Library for the winter break and now I can begin in earnest to enjoy myself immersed in my annual rituals.
    I wish you peace and joy materfamilias.

  2. I totally understand you and thank you for sharing so many interesting posts. I´ll miss you though. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year too!

  3. I do sympathise and I think you are wise to give yourself a breathing space - of indeterminate length!

    My blogging muse has left me high and dry in recent weeks. It has happened before and no doubt will happen again. So, I am using this time to take stock etc and ask myself why I blog and where, if anywhere, I want to go with it. It's always a conundrum, finding the right path that accommodates the impulse to write and to share and the camaraderie that is built up over time with and between readers and bloggers. And, for me, it always seems to happen around the time of the winter solstice.

    But go gently and be kind to yourself. Thank you for sharing all that you have on the road so far . . .

  4. I hope you are well. Will miss your thoughtfulness, but encourage you to go and celebrate the holidays and do whatever else you need.

  5. Have a wonderful break, which given what we have learned of your family, will no doubt be warm and filled with wonderful meals.

  6. Enjoy your break, and have a lovely Christmas with your family! We'll look forward to your return in whatever format.

  7. Happy holidays, and enjoy your quiet time. You should absolutely follow your feelings.

  8. I will miss you to be sure, but all the same, have a wonderful holiday with your loved ones. Will pop in and say hello on your other blog.

  9. Follow your gut! Blog without obligation! Hopefully, in the near future, Google Reader will alert me that you've posted.

    Have a Merry Christmas and a very healthy and happy 2010. I hope all is well with you and with your family.

  10. Enjoy your well-deserved break, however long it may be. I think this is a time of year where sometimes it's better just to 'be' in what is happening, rather than stepping back and writing about it. Thank you for your variously interesting, funny, moving and inspiring posts - I'll certainly be making sure I check in to see when you're back.

  11. I'll miss your blog, but you deserve a break and look forward to your return when you decide to come back.

    This will give me time to catch up on Materfamilias Reads!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


  12. Chère Materfamilias, s'il vous faut du temps pour refaire vos forces et renouveler vos sources, allez, ne craignez pas, vos fans seront toujours ici. Merçi pour vos 'posts' passés, toujours intéressants et toujours si bien écrits. J'aime votre style soigné,précis et conçis. Vous me rendez l'Anglais plus facile a appréhender, ce que j'apprécie de tout coeur, merçi et encore merçi.
    Passez de joyeuses fêtes de Noël, reposez vous bien au sein de votre belle famille.
    Bonne et heureuse année à tous!

    Au plaisir de vous relir bientôt,

    (en départ pour Paris ce soir)

  13. As a regular (and mostly silent) reader, I'm going to miss your posts. But take all the time you need to recharge your batteries, have a wonderful Christmas and I'll certainly be back when you're ready to start writing again.

  14. Thank you all so much for your understanding. I'm missing you already . . .

  15. Mater, you just take your break, you won't lose me. Merry Christmas and see you in May when I come to Vancouver I hope!

  16. We all need some time off here and there to recharge - I know I've been like that for the last while. Hope you get your mojo back.

    Have a great festive season.

  17. Hello Mater, just got back last night and this morning yours was the first blog I looked at. I sincerely hope that everything is well with you and the family and that you get your blogging muse back soon. Wishing you all the very best for a Happy New Year, warmest regards, Patricia

  18. Shoulds versus wants in terms of blogging... Yes, I can relate. It can be healthy to reinvent yourself or at least get back on track with what is drawing you these days. We will follow you... :)

  19. Thanks Karen, Imogen, and Laura-Jane -- so many bloggers seem to understand what I'm feeling and you're all so supportive. I really appreciate it!
    And Patricia, you've been such a faithful reader for so long, always with such thoughtful, lively, and pertinent comments -- I'll miss our conversations while I'm away. Thank you, and Happy New Year to you as well!


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