Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The moon sees the ones I long to see . . .

I finished class a bit early today and managed to catch the 4 ferry, getting home just at dusk to see this full moon rising above the coastal mountains. As with these photos taken several moons ago, I suppressed the flash and held the camera as steady as I could for a slower shutter opening. So they're not as sharp as they could be, but they capture the dusky blue and the emerging moon quite effectively, I think.

Clear nights, perfect for viewing the full moon, have been accompanied by cooler temperatures (hovering five degrees either side of freezing) and a possibility of flurries later in the week. So I'm bundling up and enjoying the drier weather and the gorgeous view. Reminds me of a night when my son was still living at home, and he suggested we turn off all the lights so we could sit and enjoy the moon gleaming on the water. That's what I'm going to do now, thinking of Zach and of all my loved ones who might not be with me but are under the same moon. . .

Do you know that song?


  1. Last night I gasped when I saw that full moon. It was hovering just above the hill outside my window and wow what a glow! You are very fortunate living in a waterfront home. Thanks for sharing your views both written and visual I enjoy them immensely!

  2. Beautiful pictues! That blue reminds me of dusk in a Maxfield Parrish painting.

    Snow flurries!

  3. One of my all time favourite songs is Moon River sung by Andy Williams. I may have played at my funeral!
    On a more upbeat note how about these ginky lyrics sung by a truly naff band from the eighties called 'Mud'!

    Lyrics to Under The Moon Of Love :
    Well you were looking so lovely
    Under the moon of love
    You eyes were shining so brightly
    Under the moon of love
    Hold me close
    Hold me tight
    And be my love tonight little darling let's walk let's talk

  4. I don't know that song. I too love Moon River. And aren't those words from an old Chinese poem? Love the blue...

  5. Beautiful pictures. I´m feeling a bit sad that you have to spend your nights alone. Do you and your hb have plans for the future? Are you planning to live there forever after retirement? Or maybe this is too early to ask something like that, my apologies.

  6. Such a peaceful photo. I took some pics of it too, out of my daughter's window as I was putting her to bed.

  7. Hostess: I feel especially fortunate on nights like that -- tonight looks as if it will be a repeat, except with a redder moon.
    Pseu: It's such an intense blue, isn't it! And yes, they were warning us of possible snow flurries, but today's forecast is now saying it will stay clear and cold.
    IndieAl: I'm off to look up that word, "naff" -- seems very versatile! And see if I can find a YouTube of that song being performed.
    LPC: The song/nursery rhyme goes something like this:
    I see the moon, the moon sees me
    The moon sees the one I long to see.
    So God bless the moon, and God bless me.
    And God bless the one, I long to see.
    Metscan: Although I sometimes miss the days when the house was full, I am quite content to have my weeknights to myself -- more than content, actually, and I worry a bit about how I'll adapt when Pater does retire. Meanwhile, we commute happily to whichever home we want to spend the weekends at, and it all seems to work quite well.
    Angie: That view of the moon from your (very cute) daughter's bedside is exactly in keeping with the little song I had in mind. I used to sing it to/with mine when they were little and I'd tell them it was the same moon shining down on their Grandma or their Dad or whomever they were missing at the time.

  8. What a deep otherworldly colour; mesmerizing. re metscan's inquiry, and your response, I smiled recalling the saying, "For better or worse, but not for lunch."

  9. Duchesse: Precisely. Lunch will have to be negotiated. It's not in the old contract ;-)


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