Sunday, December 6, 2009

Cold and a cold . . .

Okay, I probably should have stayed home Friday night, cancelling on dinner with our friends. But our social life has seemed sparse to me lately, and I sometimes wonder if I'll have any girlfriends left by the time I retire. So I pretended I was fine and enjoyed a lovely meal and catch-up conversation, exchanging grandchildren stories and tales of travel, 'til I was hit by a sudden wave of exhaustion and worn vocal cords. The cold outside and, especially, travelling across the harbour and then biking across our little island, didn't help. I woke up Saturday morning with a wicked baritone -- hmmmm, that sounds more fun than what I meant! I had the baritone voice, I should clarify, rich, deep, sultry tones, disarming, alarming. . .

Today, I could only manage squeaks and squawks. I haven't changed out of my pjs since Friday night (although I've managed to mark close to 20 papers!). I've gone through half a box of Kleenex, but worst of all, I'm stuck inside while we have this outside.
Luckily, the front of our home is almost all windows, so I can at least enjoy the view. And since my voice is so squeaky, I'll give it a rest and let the photos do the talking.
Hope you're all staying well,
staying warm,

and enjoying the views around you.


  1. Aw. Sending hot lemon vibrations.

  2. As my mother would say, perhaps you are overdoing, dear? Sleep, tea with lemon and a speedy recovery.

  3. Hope you feel better soon! I'm envious of your front view, though.

  4. So sorry to hear that. I've also been sick, nursing my bronchitis all weekend long. Hope you feel better soon!

  5. Oh no - get well soon! Hot toddy time :)

  6. LPC: That's what I'm missing -- hot lemons! NeoCitron is my sub-in.
    Duchesse: Yes, I've heard that before . . . time to slow down, I know!
    Pseu: Yes, as I say, if I have to be stuck inside, at least I've got a great view.
    Angie: Oh, I hope you're feeling better soon as well.
    Jillian: Yes, wish we'd stocked up on some rum. In a pinch, though, I'm thinking some mulled wine might do the trick. . .

  7. Waking up with a baritone was hilarious. Hope you're feeling better. It looks like you're living in paradise -- ok, cold, but still. . .

  8. Sending huge vitamin C filled hugs and steaming bowls of matzo ball soup. Feel better!
    p.s. Another cure that I like is chamomile tea, honey, lemon and Jack Daniels and then watch a Cary Grant movie.

  9. Oh, I hope you are feeling better.

    Belette's cures sound like something worth staying inside for.

  10. It is a beautiful view, Tish -- it's since been replaced by clouds, with snow threatening . . .
    LBR: Oh, those are great cures!
    Mardel: Don't they?!


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