Monday, November 9, 2009

Good times, good people!

Not much time for posting, but I thought you might like to see a few pics. I'm bad, though -- I brought my little camera to the celebration of my parents-in-law's 60th anniversary at my B&SIL's house, and I almost exclusively took photos of my own clan. I did get a shot of Pater hugging his Mother, who was pretty weepy, but otherwise, according to the photographic evidence, was pretty selfishly focused on my four and their partners and offspring (well, a mom only gets so much time to ogle and fondle, right?)

Above, Bronwen, our oldest, and Megan, her youngest sister, and below, Rhiannon, the middle daughter, second oldest.
Megan again, this time with Nola, and I know the shot is blurry but it grabbed a moment of hilarity I loved. Nola was feeling a bit under the weather with an ear infection (she's on antibiotics) and possible teething (suggested by the fingers constantly in her mouth), but still managed to charm.
Below, Megan's guy, Rob, with Meg and Nola.

and our charming girl got a ride on her uncle Zach's shoulders (he's our youngest, patient brother to three big sisters!). See what I mean about Nola's fingers in her mouth!
It was so lovely to see them all and even more, to see them being part of their larger extended family, paying tribute to their grandparents, accepting, even soliciting advice from aunts and uncles, catching up with cousins. As Megan wrote in her Facebook Status box yesterday "I love my people!" I'm very proud of them, very happy for them, and Pater and I feel ever so blessed!


  1. What a beautiful family. Do you have such a full heart right now?

  2. Lovely photos, lovely family. As an aside, I've never really been able to get behind the animal print thing, but your daughters' grey-toned prints have me thinking....

  3. Oh, those cheek bones... Gatherings like these are as rare as hens teeth for me, since most of my family is so scattered.
    It must feel so good to sit back and enjoy seeing your family all together the photos are a bonus.

  4. Lovely pictures. Have I missed something, but this is the first time I saw `the middle sister´! She does not have curly hair; )

  5. Oh I miss the ability to get everyone together! It looks like such a happy fun gathering. Your heart must be overflowing.

  6. Oh I miss the ability to get everyone together! It looks like such a happy fun gathering. Your heart must be overflowing.

  7. How wonderful - I love a gathering of the clan!

  8. I really do, LPC, really do!
    Patricia: Thanks! And I agree with you, the grey-toned animal prints are less demanding to wear, not so attention-grabbing.
    IndieAl: It is lovely when it happens! I'm pretty aware of how short this period will be and want to get the most out of it.
    Metscan: Rhiannon has quite a bit of curl in her hair as well, but she's more skilled/diligent with the straightening iron than the rest of us.
    Mardel/Tiffany: It's great, absolutely, and I do treasure such occasions.

  9. What a lovely clan--and I'm on board with grey animal prints, too.

    Seeing these kinds of photos helps prep me for the holidays!

  10. Megan has that look, holding Nola, well you know the look, Megan!

    Delightful photos!

  11. That looks like such a lovely family gathering! Even with an ear infection, Nola seems to be charming everyone within a 50 foot radius.

  12. How wonderful to have grown-up children! They all look so happy to be with each other too . . .

  13. Thanks PM -- and yes, the holidays -- your Thanksgiving is coming up soon, isn't it, and then it seems to be full-on holiday mode through the New Year. Hard to feel festive at this point in term, but I'll get there . . .
    Duchesse: You noticed that too, eh?! She has to finish her Registered Massage Therapist program first -- another 18 months or so. And then it would be nice if she got some work, established a clientele, earned some income, etc., etc., before doing the momma thing. But she does have that look . . .
    Pseu: She really has a very winning personality!
    Miss C: I have to say, were it not for the ageing part, this is a pretty rewarding stage of life.

  14. another tooth popped through today - you were right! and Nola seems happier :)


  15. B: Glad she's feeling better -- she's got quite a mouthful now, doesn't she!


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