Friday, October 9, 2009

Play Day From Sunrise On . . .

I'm taking a much-needed play day today -- there will be no marking, no prep, not even any peeking in the pages of the academic texts I'm currently working through. Instead, I started my morning playing with the camera, with this stunning sunrise palette as inspiration. Then I went "into town" as the parlance goes 'round here -- meaning I took the little ferry over to the little city whose harbour our island protects. Found a pair of earrings (large "diamond" studs -- fake, obviously, but fun and cheap). Tried on some red Fly boots -- liked them, but not enough to spend (the next pair of boots I buy will have to be special, yummy, as I now have my foundational great basics). Bought lipstick in a new shade (brown-ish red or reddish brown) at the drugstore along with the newest-in-paperback Jeffrey Deaver mystery.

Picked up a fresh turkey for Sunday's meal -- just under 9 Kg. so should be enough to feed 8 or 10 of us and still provide a few leftovers.
Also bought a Lindt chocolate bar -- 70% dark, Cherry & Chili. When I get back from visiting my friend Alison, just up the road, I'll read the Deaver for a while, then nap (yes, I will!), then have some tea with my chocolate while the soup I'm making simmers on the stove.

By the time Pater gets home late this afternoon, I'll have the wine opened, the stilton at room temp, the DVDs lined up for an easy evening of cuddling . . . The end of a perfect day of play and the start of a lovely Thanksgiving weekend.
How 'bout you?


  1. Those pictures are stunning!

    Sounds like a lovely day and a lovely evening planned. Have a nice Thanksgiving holiday!

  2. Oh, is it Thanksgiving?! I miss that October holiday so much!

  3. Well, since hubby works for the Hungarian army and the kids go to an American international school, there's no long weekend for us. However, the Canadian teachers at school (and there are many of them) are organizing a feast with the help of the cafeteria manager, so No. 1 Son and I will be attending that tomorrow. No. 2 Son is at a cross country meet in Albania of all places, and hubby will go camping with the Scouts. So, not a typical Thanksgiving, but it will still be fun for those of us not under canvas in the drizzling rain! Patricia

  4. Thanks, Pseu -- you must almost be in Paris now, are you?
    Miss C: Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to you!
    Patricia: Sounds as if you drew the right straw for the weekend! Happy faraway Thanksgiving!

  5. It sounds like a perfect day and the photos are just stunning. Have a lovely holiday weekend.

  6. Lovely photos--how nice to wake up with your view!

    Yes, play. It will revive you for work later. The Lindt cherry and chili is not my favorite (too gooey), but I do like the taste of chocolate with chili.

    Enjoy your Thanksgiving weekend!

  7. That sounds absolutely heavenly. I hope you enjoyed your well-deserved play day!

  8. Nancy -- I hadn't realized how gooey this bar would be -- I like the combination of flavours though.
    Tiffany, Mardel: Thanks -- hope you and Nancy all had a good weekend as well.


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