Sunday, September 13, 2009

Random Weekend Activity

After the excitement of the first week back in front of the classroom (never mind the flood of administrative bits-and-pieces), I headed over to Vancouver for the weekend. Pater had also had a challenging week so Thursday night's exertion was limited to watching an episode of Dexter, Season 3 (have you watched this show? -- fun and gruesome, all at once!).

Friday I checked out some shops, picked up some dress shirts and ties for my two guys (Guy the Younger, our son, has just gone back to complete his B.Comm, which requires some business wear, hard to manage on a student budget). I love menswear shopping where the focus -- at least for dress shirts and ties -- is on mixing-and-matching patterns and colours without having to worry about whether they make anyone's butt look big.

Pater met me at the end of the day to check out a sports jacket I'd found for him, on sale at The Bay, and then we wandered up Granville Street together admiring the vista it offers now down its newly wide, clean streets with the new Canada Line rapid-transit all tucked away beneath. When I was young, this street was still in the waning days of its glory as Theatre Row, and my good friend Margie and I used to feel ever-so-sophisticated meeting at The Birks clock and then heading to Scott's for lunch. In our twenties, we used to pick up gorgeous pastries at the konditorei (The Mozart?) at Granville and, maybe, Robson. Then in the last ten years, my main Granville forays have been for visits to David Gordon's and to Fluevog's. But the street's been creeping back to life over the past five or so years (with "creeping" the operative word down at the bridge end where some of the sleazier windows still offered sad men coin-operated peep-shows).

There are a number of new eating places popping up among the Granville nightclubs, and we checked out one we've had an eye one -- The Twisted Fork Bistro. Before 7, they offer a 3-course, $25-per-person prix fixe menu -- great value, yummy food, and a warm, friendly vibe with dramatic but casual decor and an open kitchen. The highlight of both our meals was the dessert -- Pater had a gorgeous lemon tart -- tart enough, full-flavoured, and accompanied by house-made sour cream ice cream tucked into a large wedge of candied lemon rind. I got a bite of it by trading him one of my profiteroles filled with house-made hazelnut ice cream drizzled with chocolate. Yumm!

Other weekend highlights include the barbeque my sister and BIL hosted in their backyard where I got to catch up once again with my family, including a few who have missed recent events -- it's been a great summer for family!

And we spent several hours with our little Nola, even taking her to the park on our own. Still can't believe I forgot my camera, but in a way I enjoyed letting go of the need to record and instead just revelled in her company. She's having fun making a UH-Huh sound and checking out how people respond to it -- precious! Oh, and she's making like a commando, crawling for all the no-nos in the apartment. Her parents' life is about to change drastically yet again . . .


  1. I shop for my sons at The Bay too. The flagship TO store is getting a huge facelift but the womens' remerch has gone very young chickie: BCBG, etc. Lemon tart and profiteroles are my two favourite desserts, mouth is watering as I write this.

    And more Nola pics, don't tease us, just take 'em!

  2. One bite of lemon tart for one profiterole does not seem a fair trade.;-)

  3. I'm with La Belette Rouge on the dessert exchange rates.

    We've just finished watching the third season of Dexter. We'll have to chat when you're caught up so I don't spoil anything.

  4. Duchesse: Changes have been happening at the Vanc'r store as well -- it can only get better, can't it? (she says, hopefully . . .)
    LBR: No, but there were three profiteroles, and his metabolism is set so much higher than mine (really not fair!)
    PM: See above ;-)
    Yes, I'd love a Dexter chat -- we've got about 5 episodes to go.

  5. Wanted to comment on Dexter too. After my vociferous castigation of the concept, it crept into the house (or should I say, broke in?) and I got totally hooked. Michael Hall even better than in SFU. My fave season is #2, with Keith Carradine.

  6. Duchesse: Michael Hall is great here, isn't he! I also loved Keith Carradine (have been a fan of the Carradine boys from way back) -- Jimmy Smits did a great job in Season 3 as well -- and it's too fun seeing Julie Benz play the initially rather meek Rita having watched her play a powerful vampire on Buffy/Angel.

  7. I love that "UH-Huh" stage. Sounds like a fabulous weekend, especially the bite of lemon tart.


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