Monday, September 21, 2009

Happiness Postponed . . .

Okay, I'm going to "do" happiness here again soon, but can I whine, just a bit, just for a while? Please?
'cause . . . .
Loading up my bike this morning, with ten minutes to get to the ferry, I found that the brake repair done over the weekend had LOCKED the rear wheel. Tried some tweaking, but quickly calculated that tweaking time was cutting into the running time and if tweaking didn't work and running became necessary. . . .
So carrying at least ten pounds of stuff (my netbook, four or five texts, some marking, my lunch, a bag of garbage that had to be taken to the dumpster on the other side) I ran to the ferry which is about a kilometre away. In these shoes. Which may be comfy, but they're not built for running. On dirt roads. And did I mention the very-recently-eaten pieces of toast? Those came very close to vacating the premises!
Missed the ferry by seconds, but luckily neighbours offered me a ride across in their boat, saving me from being quite late (the ferry only leaves once an hour).

The rest of the day went reasonably well, although my afternoon students were pretty sleepy in the non-air-conditioned classroom (it's mid-20s outside this week and considerably warmer inside this particular classroom). But when I got to my car at the end of the day, I discovered that our contracted-out parking people had left me a $30 ticket for "Failure to Display" my pass -- although it could clearly be seen peeking out from under a paper that had shifted over it on the dash! I don't swear on my blog, generally, but I'm pretty indulgent with the bad words IRL, and this was a prime occasion.

Then a haircut and colour, which went well, but added onto a working day meant that I got in the door at 7:45, 12 hours after leaving and a scant 12 hours before I have to do it all again. So I'm going to wait 'til tomorrow for a better shot at happiness and I'll content myself now with my homemade vegetable-and-orzo soup. Hope your Monday was kinder to you!


  1. Ok, after that, you're allowed one more whine! I really feel for you having to run for the boat with all your stuff. Hard to be chic in that situation! Hope the rest of the week turns out to be much better. Patricia

  2. While I do not really follow astrology my yoga teacher says that Mercury is in retrograde and that makes everything wonky. Hope that makes you feel better!

  3. Oh, I have had that feeling so many times. only I can just get another train. The feeling of impotency can be so frustrating. Glad a neighbour could help.
    I like it when people moan it helps mw put the perpetual grind into perspective.

  4. That is what is officially called a Hell Day. Hell Days give one a free pass for whining and also swearing. I hope the week gets better!

  5. I hear you! I When I got to the Uni today I discovered I'd forgotten to put on deodarant. Eek! That kind of day, I guess.


  6. Patricia: Thanks! Today was already an improvement, thank goodness!
    Duchesse: Well, I'll feel better if your yoga teacher knows that it's all going to get better soon!
    Alison: Happy to do all the moaning you need for perspective to be achieved ;-)
    Tiffany: You're too kind! A free whining pass? Just what I need!
    K!: Good to hear from you! Even without deodorant, I know they'll all love you. Hope you're beginning to feel at home there.

  7. Oh, poor you! I hope that today is less of that and filled with more good stuff. Can you dispute the ticket?

  8. I'm giving you one of my whine-passes. Use it any time. Have some more if you need them.

  9. LBR: Tuesday and Wednesday went much better, and yes, I managed to have the ticket forgiven "just this once" . . .
    LPC: I think I'll grab a stack, 'kay?


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