Sunday, September 27, 2009

Better than Alright, These Kids!

About eighteen months ago, Thomas over at SundayBest posted a charming clip he'd made of teens busking on a Victoria Street, and he called the post "Spring Break: The Kids Are Alright." (I tried to link to it, but keep getting messages that say the link is broken).

I thought of that post when I saw The Knots' first music video, just posted on YouTube and quickly going viral on Facebook. The Knots comprise three of my nephews (two of them brothers) and a friend, and they impress me ever so much, what with their song-writing and their playing, their willingness to practice many, many hours despite keeping very good grades at school. And I suppose they also impress me because they're at least partly channelling my father, their Papa, who, although untrained musically, had one of those beautiful tenors that you try to track down and identify when you hear it singing in a crowd. My sister, mother to the two Knots brothers, has a similarly beautiful soprano, and she took hers to school for a B. Mus., before going into Education -- I'm sure her students get the occasional treat when she leads them in song.

I hope you'll take a few minutes to check out their video -- it was shot by the brother Knots' dad at sunrise on the roof of their house so you might want to know how hard they've all worked to keep the neighbours happy. The drummer, a few years younger than the rest of the band, apparently couldn't be roused at that early hour, so the other band members took turns air-drumming with reasonably credible results.

The band is hoping to make the whole viral thing work for them, so if you, too, are impressed by these youngsters (not a legal driver among them yet, they're that young!) -- spread the word. We're all getting ready to say "We knew them when . . . " Congrats, boys!!


  1. Isn't this fantastic, that we can now share performances like this? They are carrying on a tradition and also building musical skills for a lifetime of joy.

  2. Thanks. It was simply clean stuff !

  3. Fantastic! You must be so proud of them. I love seeing people do what they love and follow their bliss--this just made my day.

  4. Thanks, all -- I am really proud of them!

  5. Sorry about that - I sort of deleted my blog and started over.


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