Friday, August 14, 2009

Hats and All That

You've seen this hat before, here and here, on the head of my handsome "little" brother, but I love this shot my BIL took where it shows up like a beautifully woven basket or piece of pottery sitting on the beach -- you can just barely see Joel's neck and an ear below it.
And although Joel wears it very well, I think Nola is the perfect model for it, don't you? She modeled another hat recently, my latest FO (non-knitters might need reminding that an FO is a Finished Object) a brimmed cotton hat for a not-yet-here baby girl, the second baby to be born in Nola's generation of the family. The hat is too small for Nola and will look floppier and thus even cuter on the new babe, I hope. It was a quick knit, perhaps four hours altogether, made from a pattern designed by the women at my LYS (local yarn store for the non-knitters). If I were more organized, I could tell you the name of the cotton sport-weight (one ball) I used with the 3.0 mm needles, and someday I'll have that information on Ravelry. For now, I'll just say I'm quite pleased with it and looking forward to choosing a cute baby outfit to go with it (really, the most satisfying retail experience, no worries about making anyone look fat!).
In fact, I'm all set to cast on for another one for Nola (same pattern but up a size to dk weight and 3.25s). After all, I think she's proved she wears hats well . . .
Soon to come: another FO in the form of the Gathered Pullover in Flaxen I began oh-so-long-ago
As well, the Tangled Yoke Cardigan needs only the button bands and some underarm grafting -- I'm very, very pleased with it.
Also within an hour or two of finishing the Denim drawstring pants for Nola. I would really like to get these all finished and a new sweater started before classes start. . .
What about you? Anything you'd like to get crossed off the list (or even get onto a list) before fall imposes its breakneck schedule?


  1. Darling hat on Nola, who is always darling herself. Many many things are on the list to be crossed off, and I am making slow but steady progress.

  2. I noticed that hat and thought it was so cool. Looks great on Nola too. I can't knit to save my life. It appears to involve both counting and small motor coordination, neither of which are in the basket of skills I was born with. But I am quite good at admiring the work of others.

  3. Mardel: I've noticed, over on your blog, that there is list-making and crossing-off both, in impressive quantities!
    LPC: I'm trying to imagine how knitting might save one's life and whether or not such motivation would be at all useful in helping one pick up the skill -- say you needed a very sturdy rope made of I-cord, say, to lower oneself to safety . . . hmmmmm.
    I'm sure your skill bsket is full of other much more useful lifesaving tricks -- meanwhile thanks for the hat admiration;-)

  4. I've been a terribly unmotivated knitter this winter - started a cardigan for the littler one, which should have taken me a couple of weeks, and I'm still one sleeve off finishing it! Naturally it's now 28 degrees (truly), so even if I finish the blasted thing, by the time she gets to wear it, it may be too small! I'm looking forward to seeing the Gathered Pullover as that's on my list of 'knits I may get around to one of these days if I ever cross anything off my existing list' ...

  5. I was just thinking, seeing the hat on Nola, that she should have her own, and then in the next para- she's getting one! Having seen your knitting in person, you are truly an artist- just one of your many talents.

    I am going to take a calligraphy course.

  6. Tiffany: Funny how knitting motivation comes and goes -- the GP should have been finished last summer (it's really quick a quick knit) but I got fed up with sleeve island and it languished for months and months.
    Duchesse: Oh, I really admire calligraphy but am quite sure I don't have that kind of sure-handedness OR patience.

  7. I loveit! She's learning how to pattern mix already! Good job, Nola!


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