Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Blog Veil and Knitted "jeans" for Nola

Just as a reminder that a blog, while revealing much about a writer's personality, only gives its readers a partial view of the blogger's life. For example, my former doctoral supervisor visited Pater and I this weekend, arriving Sunday afternoon and leaving Monday noon -- and that is as much as I would ever tell you about that. Those of you who have gone through a doctorate will know how significant this relationship can be. Those survivors will also know how small the academic world one can be, especially concerning those of a supervisor's stature. So that except to say that the visit was successful, and without defining that term, I will draw a veil and move on to showing you another Finished Object, this time a little pair of denim pants, cuffs and all, for Nola.

These are made of the same Rowan Denim I used for the Indigo Ripples skirt, and even after the first wash-and-dry, it's showing that great denim fading that's a big appeal of this yarn -- and makes up for the hands being left blue after each knitting session.
I'm so pleased with myself, getting all these projects finished off finally -- I'm working on the button/buttonhole bands for the Tangled Yoke Cardigan and then just have to graft the underarms to have a pretty new fall sweater. Also finishing off a second sock so I'm feeling quite justified in perhaps casting on in the next few days. BUT ONLY if I finish my course syllabi today. You heard it here. . .


  1. Oh, those pants are très mignon! I can just see her toddling around in those.

  2. Oh so cute! And they will only have more personality with each wash.

  3. Handmade pants, wow! Now where do you get all that energy from! Entertaining, traveling,working..I bet you sleep 9 hours too ;)

  4. Blog veil. I love that term. I have one of those veils myself. Mine is of old lace. Crocheted, I think.

  5. Pseu: I like to imagine her toddling around as well, altho' I shouldn't be hurrying one minute of her life ahead. Crawling will do for now.
    Jillian: They really will get better and better -- the Rowan Denim is great stuff!
    Metscan: So funny! I've just been thinking how lazy/non-productive I am 'cause I haven't been getting at my academic work enough. . .
    LPC: I was thinking of some fine old devoré velvet but crocheted antique lace would do too;-)

  6. Mardel: They are pretty cute, aren't they! I can only imagine how uncute they'd be on an adult, but on a wee one, knit jeans will work.

  7. Absolutely adorable! (The pants, not your guest.)

    There was a Canadian company, Robin Knits, that made very appealing (non-childlike) knits for adults. I wore them all the time, and miss them.

  8. Duchesse: I love wearing knits, but it's hard to find ones that flatter the 50+ middle. . .

  9. I hope the "fading appeal" is done appealing before Nola's mama puts them in the washer....


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