Friday, July 17, 2009

Sunshine, Seaside, and Lavender

We've had sunshine most of the week, and now, heading into the weekend, we're expecting even more heat -- high 20's, apparently. So time to stay by the water and enjoy the breeze, and to wander 'round in the garden. Right now, there's not too much colour -- the vibrant blooms of spring have given way to a more muted palette with green being dominant. In the front of our yard, along the waterfront, where only the hardiest survive the saltspray and winds of winter and the droughts of summer (this is an instant-drainage area!), the lavender finally has its time in the spotlight.

I love the way the purples can take on different moods -- darkly defined as above, or soft and delicate as below, where the colour glows gently in the morning sunlight

And even lighter below when the sun shines right through the dainty petals and outlines the slender stalks.
And, of course, the lavender helps bring one of my favourite sounds into the garden -- I wouldn't find my garden complete without the purposeful buzz of bees.
Now we've had that quick garden visit, I'm going back to join my son-in-law Adam and my granddaughter down by the beach -- Nola's such a happy girl in the morning! Hope you're happy too this weekend -- enjoy!


  1. Ah, lavender! One of my all-time garden favorites. You capture it beautifully in these pictures. Have a great weekend with the kids!

  2. Finally real warmth! Do you dry the lavender?


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